James Brandon Lewis Quartet: Code of Being

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Jazz / Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
premiera polska: 08.11.2021
opakowanie: Gatefold
Editor's info:
The charismatic saxophonist and composer James Brandon Lewis is the musician of the moment in the broad field of contemporary jazz. With Code of Being, James Brandon Lewis now presents his second album. The debut CD Molecular, which Lewis recorded with his quartet in 2020 just a few months before Lockdown, was roundly acclaimed as one of the most exciting releases in 2020 (Intakt CD 350).

Code of Being is a powerful work consisting of eight compositions by James Brandon Lewis. Beautiful melodies are responsible for the magic of the songs. The four exceptional musicians, each with personalities of their own, create an urgent ensem­ble sound, moving through a broad palette of sound-colours, rhythms and moods, charged with energy. With a profound sense for lyrical melodies, tonal concision and dynamics, the quartet develop a spirited interplay, reacting to the tiniest atmospheric oscillations on the sound and groove level. "This is captivating music which it is hard to resist, especially the melodies with their thematic beauty.," writes Florian Keller in the liner notes.

muzycy: James Brandon Lewis: tenor sax
Aruan Ortiz: piano
Brad Jones: bass
Chad Taylor: drums, mbira

utwory: 1. Resonance 7:42
2. Archimedean 7:34
3. Every Atom Glows 5:18
4. Per 4 8:36
5. Code of Being 7:52
6. Where is Hella 13:03
7. Per 5 8:25
8. Tessera 8:47

wydano: 2021-10-15
nagrano: Recorded on May 16 and 17, 2021, by Michael Brändli at Hardstudios Winterthur.



Intakt (CH)
James Brandon Lewis Quartet
Code of Being
tenor saxophone
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