Christian McBride, Nicholas Payton, Mark Whitfield: Fingerpainting - The Music Of Herbie Hancock

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Jazz / Straightahead / Mainstream Jazz
premiera polska: 17.11.2021
opakowanie: Jewelcase
This is a rather unusual tribute to Herbie Hancock on a couple different levels. There is no piano on the date, so obviously no one is heard trying to sound like Hancock; the intimate all-star trio (bassist Christian McBride, trumpeter Nicholas Payton and guitarist Mark Whitfield) avoids such typical Hancock hits as "Watermelon Man" and "Maiden Voyage," and several of the songs are real obscurities. The 14 Hancock compositions date from 1962-79, with one tune from 1985, so they do not cover his later output. Among the lesser-known tunes are the title track (first played by V.S.O.P.), "Sly" (from the Headhunters LP), and two melodies taken from the 1965 soundtrack of Blow-Up. Several of the songs (most notably "Driftin'") deserve to be revived more widely. Payton, whose versatility has in the past allowed him to emulate both Louis Armstrong and Freddie Hubbard with equal skill, here generally plays like himself, a Young Lion with a warm tone and an inventive style. Whitfield holds the group together, whether playing straight-ahead or adding a bit of funk to "Chameleon" and "Sly." McBride shows throughout why he is rightfully considered a young giant. Due to the many unfamiliar themes and offbeat instrumentation (which includes a duet apiece featuring each of the three possible combinations), this is a CD that takes a few listens to fully appreciate, but it is worth the effort. An underrated gem.
by Scott Yanow

Christian McBride: double bass
Nicholas Payton: trumpet
Mark Whitfield: guitars

1. Suite Herbie 1 - Fingerpainting 5:56
2. Suite Herbie 1 - Driftin' 4:29
3. Suite Herbie 1 - Chameleon 5:04
4. Suite Herbie 1 - Tell Me A Bedtime Story 4:44
5. Suite Herbie 1 - The Eye Of The Hurricane 3:36
6. Suite Herbie 1 - The Kiss 5:33
7. Suite Herbie 1 - Speak Like A Child 6:32
8. Suite Herbie II - The Sorcerer 4:42
9. Suite Herbie II - Dolphin Dance 3:53
10. Suite Herbie II - Chan's Song 4:08
11. Suite Herbie II - One Finger Snap 4:01
12. Suite Herbie II - Sly 3:54
13. Suite Herbie II - Oliloqui Valley 5:57
14. Suite Herbie II - Jane's Theme 4:03

wydano: 2018-11-09
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Ediciones Folio
Christian McBride, Nicholas Payton, Mark Whitfield
Fingerpainting - The Music Of Herbie Hancock
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