Lea Desandre, Jupiter Ensemble, Thomas Dunford: Amazone

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Muzyka klasyczna / Klasyczna Muzyka Barokowa
premiera polska: 19.11.2021
opakowanie: digipack
Editor's info:
The original concept of Lea Desandre’s Amazone is based on music of the Baroque period written specifically on the subject of the Amazons, the mythical race of female warriors
Amazone has been recorded with the magnificent ensemble Jupiter and conductor Thomas Dunford
Lea Desandre explores the fascinating ways that composers treat their Amazonian characters, particularly interesting figures in that they embody a “male/female” duality
Gender ambiguity, which plays a role in so many operatic plots, provides an infinite source of dramatic and musical inspiration
Amazone has three special guests, true stars in the world of Baroque music: Cecilia Bartoli and Véronique Gens appear in separate duets with Lea, and William Christie features on harpsichord in a piece by Couperin
Amazone features compositions of Vivaldi, Cavali, Provenzale, Couperin, Rameau, and more
Concerts: 9 March Chaux-de-Fonds (Swiss), 11 March Arts Renaissants, Toulouse (France), 13 March Paris Philharmonie, 20 March Ajaccio, Corsica (France), 7 April Rouen Opéra, Chapelle Corneille (France), 11 April Festival de Pâques d'Aix-en-Provence (France), 18 Oct ElbPhilharmonie Hambourg

BBC Music Magazine * * * * *
"We very quickly learn just how characterful Desandre can be with her amused, laughing reactions to women in battle in ‘Non posso far’, and the dark glitter of her voice in the melancholic ‘Lasciatemi morire’, both from Provenzale’s Lo schiavo di sua moglie. Technically and stylistically, too, she is very accomplished."

Gramophone - Critics' Choice 2021
"This is a stonkingly good album. It makes me wonder: what exactly are these enviously intelligent, inventive and generous musicians drinking?"

"The music is beautifully performed, vivacious, and intelligently programmed. Desandre flies weightlessly around elaborate ornamentation, expressive and precise. The Jupiter players and Dunford excel."

Amazone is an album by Lea / Thomas Dunford Desandre, released in 2021. Amazone includes a.o. the following tracks: “Provenzale: Non Posso Far Lucillo (lo Schiavo Di Sua Moglie)”, “Provenzale: Lasciatemi Morir, Srelle Crudeli Menalippa”, “Philir: Les Amazones Marche - Recits”, “L. Couperin: Passacaille In C” and more. The album is a classical CD.
“Amazone is a hymn to the women who have guided me and continually amazed me with their kindness, their loyalty, the magic of their artistry and the strength of their actions.” With her first solo album for Erato, the French-Italian mezzo-soprano Lea Desandre salutes the legendary warrior queens who inspired baroque composers – from Vivaldi, Marais and Philidor to little-known figures like Giuseppe de Bottis, Francesco Provenzale and Georg Caspar Schürmann.
Conceived in collaboration with musicologist Yannis François and lutenist Thomas Dunford, appearing with his Jupiter ensemble, the album is also graced by the presence of three star guests: Cecilia Bartoli, Véronique Gens and William Christie.
“Amazone is a journey of delight, dance, mystery, strength and doomed love,” writes Gramophone magazine. “Lea Desandre is the perfect Amazonian. Her storytelling is utterly persuasive, which, married with a gorgeously malleable intonation, makes this an entirely enjoyable listen. There’s a sense of equality, or reciprocity, with which she positions her vocals in the orchestra, making chamber music of these operatic numbers.”

Lea Desandre: mezzo-soprano
Cecilia Bartoli: mezzo-soprano
Véronique Gens: soprano
Jean Rondeau: clavecin

Thomas Dunford: musical director

Bottis: Che farai misero core (from Mitilene, regina delle amazzoni)
Bottis: Io piango (from Mitilene, regina delle amazzoni)
Bottis: Mitilene, regina delle amazzoni
Cavalli: Sinfonia (from Ercole Amante)
F.Couperin: Pièces de clavecin II: Ordre 10ème in D major: L'amazône
L.Couperin: Passacaille in C
A.Destouches: Faible fierté, gloire impuissante (from Marthésie, première reine des amazones)
A.Destouches: Ô mort ! Ô triste mort (from Marthésie, première reine des amazones)
A.Destouches: Quel coup me réservait la colère céleste? (from Marthésie, première reine des amazones)
M.Marais: L'Amériquaine (from Suite d'un goût étranger)
Pallavacino: L'Antiope
Provenzale: Lasciatemi morir, stelle crudeli (from Lo schiavo di sua moglie)
Provenzale: Non posso far (from Lo schiavo di sua moglie)
G.C.Schürmann: Die getreue Alceste: Sinfonia pour la tempête
G.C.Schürmann: Non ha fortuna il pianto mio (from Die getreue Alceste)
A.Vivaldi: Ercole sul Termodonte
Viviani: Muove il piè, furia d'Averno (from Mitilene, regina delle amazzoni)

wydano: 2021-09-24

wydawca: Erato Disques /



Erato Disques
Lea Desandre, Jupiter Ensemble, Thomas Dunford
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