Vasco Trilla and Tim Daisy: Bristling Duets

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: ecopackowe etui

In 2020, many people had to figure out what else to do when the usual options were abruptly taken off the table. Percussionist Tim Daisy was no exception. With live music out of the question, he spent some time completing projects that were already in motion, working on solo music and preparing archived recordings for release. But such solitary pursuits can take a musician who has thrived on real-time interaction for decades only so far.

During the fall of last year, Daisy began pursuing virtual collaborations. The first, with electronic musician Ikue Mori, set the template. He sent her some files of his playing, which she was free to manipulate and add to in any way that she chose. Mori took full advantage of the invitation, mixing, layering, editing, and adding electronics to Daisy’s drum kit and marimba. Light and Shade doesn’t sound like a real-time exchange, but it does sound like an authentic interaction between the two musicians. Daisy started doling out tracks to other musicians, which he has compiled into two volumes of download-only Imaginary Rooms.

Now Bristling Duets (2021) brings the concept back around to the essence of Daisy’s work — percussion. It contains fellow percussionist Vasco Trilla’s responses to Daisy’s files, and while it is the result of two musicians making music alone, one in Barcelona and the other in suburban Chicago, their collaboration exudes genuine empathy. Sure, Trilla understands Daisy’s instruments, since there’s considerable overlap in their instrumentation. And the two men are similarly committed practitioners of jazz and improvisation. But he doesn’t just play something that sounds right when heard in proximity to Daisy’s expressions of texture, motion and rhythm — he completes them. Adding gongs, bells, music boxes, and more drums to tracks that usually zero in on some element of the trap kit, Trilla introduces contrasting tones and complementary rhythms that turn brisk solos into elegant musical expressions of special experiences. On “Celurean,” suspended metallic sonorities on provide a vertical dimension to circular foray around the toms, and richly reverberating gongs and bowls blow through the stick dance on “Toledo Song” like an unexpected fog bank turning a grove of young trees into a mysterious forest. The drums and scrapers heard on “The Whole City” are so in sync, they feel like the work of one octopus-appendaged, compositionally minded person rather than one human adding to another’s sounds.

It would be natural to get curious about how Daisy and Trilla would sound playing at the same time in the same room, and hopefully such chances will emerge. But on the strength of this encounter, one hopes that neither musician loses the other’s email.
by Bill Meyer

Vasco Trilla: percussion
Tim Daisy: percussion

1. Terra Firma 02:13
2. Quiver and Shake 02:31
3. Cerulean 03:17
4. Static Points 02:29
5. Nord-Sud 02:31
6. Lectura 02:24
7. Toledo Song 04:37
8. Relay Signals 04:32
9. The Whole City 03:16
10. Poznan 02:56
11. Eleven 02:35
12. Crackle and Pop 02:33
13. Unsinkable 02:29

wydano: June 12, 2021
nagrano: Recorded in Chicago, IL, and Barcelona, Spain. Spring 2021

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Vasco Trilla and Tim Daisy
Bristling Duets
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