Wolfgang Haffner: Kind Of Cool

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Modern Jazz
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Wolfgang Haffner is at the forefront of German Jazz. He earned his stripes playing in jazz trombone legend Albert Mangelsdorff’s band and a high-flying career followed. Contributing to over 400 records, he played, and in some cases still plays, with jazz stars such as Nils Landgren, Pat Metheny and Michael Brecker, is always close to pop music (he has toured with Chaka Khan) and is also a much sought after producer working with acts such as Mezzoforte. Aside from all this he has also built an impressive solo career, with four records for ACT to date, the ECHO Jazz awardwinning master drummer is one of Germany’s top bandleaders of our time. With “Kind of Cool” Haffner moves between tradition and contemporary jazz, injecting new life into the Great American Songbook. In the style of the legendary Modern Jazz Quartet and with the spirit of Cool Jazz these old jazz classics sound young at heart in timeless elegance - relaxed, sophisticated, trusting in themselves, finally one of a kind, thanks to the personality of the musicians involved. Three compositions by Haffner himself complement the album. “Kind of Cool” breathes the typical Haffner-Feel. He is a master of atmosphere, groove and flow, who knows how to make music sound organic and natural. The melody is everything, the minimalism and focus on it is key to the beauty of Haffner’s art. It really needs an all-star band to play music such as this, and on “Kind of Cool” it’s no different. All the band members are international jazz stars, having proved themselves on the scene they are perfectly placed to relax and just let their passion, technique and sense of fun show the songs for what they are: Some of the most beautiful compositions ever produced in the 20th century.

Wolfgang Haffner: drums
Christopher Dell: vibraphone
Jan Lundgren: piano
Dan Berglund: bass
Dusko Goykovich: trumpet
Jukka Perko: alto saxophone

Max Mutzke: vocals
Frank Chastenier: piano
Christian von Kaphengst: bass
Nils Landgren: trombone

1. Hippie ( Haffner, Wolfgang) 05:39
2. So What ( Davies, Miles) 07:21
3. Piano Man ( Eckstein, Billy) 05:05
4. Autumn Leaves ( Enoch, Jacques|Kosma, Joseph) 04:05
5. Tantricity ( Haffner, Wolfgang) 03:22
6. Summertime ( Gershwin, George) 05:24
7. My Funny Valentine ( Rodgers, Richard|Hart, Lorenz) 07:02
8. One For Daddy O ( Adderly, Nat) 06:26
9. I Fall In Love Too Easily ( Styne, Jule|Cahn, Sammy) 05:57
10. Django ( Lewis, John) 05:02
11. Remembrance ( Haffner, Wolfgang) 04:57

wydano: 2014
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Wolfgang Haffner
Kind Of Cool
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