Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson: Thick As A Brick - Live In Iceland [Limited Edition Numbered Vinyl 3LP 180gr]

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Pop Rock
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kontynent: Europa
opakowanie: kartonowe etui

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"Thick as a Brick - Live in Iceland" wydawnictwo autorstwa frontmana Jethro Tull Iana Andersona. Koncert na żywo został zarejestrowany w sali koncertowej Harpa, Reykjavík, Islandia w dniu 22 czerwca 2012 roku.

Był częścią Thick as a Brick Tour Iana Andersona i jego zespołu koncertowego w Europie i Stanach Zjednoczonych w latach 2012 i 2013.

Ediitor's info:
Limited three 180gm vinyl LP pressing including bonus two CD edtion. Jethro Tull's famous concept album Thick As A Brick was originally released in 1972 and featured one continuous track spread across two sides of an LP telling the story of a young boy called Gerald Bostock. 40 years later in 2012, Jethro Tull's founder and leader Ian Anderson created Thick As A Brick 2: Whatever Happened To Gerald Bostock? Following this release, Ian Anderson took both albums on the road to perform the complete story of Gerald Bostock and this concert from the tour was filmed in Iceland. The show brings Gerald's tale to life as never before and creates the definitive presentation of Thick As A Brick.

Ian Anderson / vocals, flute, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, harmonica
Florian Opahle / electric guitar
John O'Hara / piano, keyboards, accordion
David Goodier / bass guitar, glockenspiel
Scott Hammond / drums, percussion
Ryan O'Donnell / additional vocals

A1. Thick As A Brick
B1. Thick As A Brick (Continued)
C1. Thick As A Brick (Continued)
D1. From A Pebble Thrown
D2. Pebbles Instrumental
D3. Might Have Beens
D4. Upper Sixth Loan Shark
D5. Banker Bets, Banker Wins
D6. Swing It Far
E1. Adrift And Dumfounded
E2. Old School Song
E3. Wootton Bassett Town
E4. Power And Spirit
E5. Give Till It Hurts
E6. Cosy Corner
F1. Shunt And Shuffle
F2. A Change Of Horses
F3. Confessional
F4. Kismet In Suburbia
F5. What-Ifs, Maybes And Might-Have-Beens

nagrano: Recorded in Iceland in 2012

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Eagle Records (USA)
Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson
Thick As A Brick - Live In Iceland [Limited Edition Numbered Vinyl 3LP 180gr]
Vinyl 3LP
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