Neil Young & Bluenote Café: Bluenote Café [2CD]

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Folk Rock / Rhythm and Blues
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: Canada
opakowanie: Gatefoldowe etui
opis: * * * *:
Trasa koncertowa Neila Younga obejmująca 1987 i 1988 rok była nadzwyczaj dobra. Tak charakterystyczny dla niego brudny rhythm'n'blues pobudzał wyobraźnię słuchaczy na całym świecie. Na "Bluenote Café" zalazły się koncertowe rejestracje z wielu sal koncertowych w USA i Kanadzie jak The Fillmore w San Francisco, The Palace w Hollywood, The World w NY, CNE w Toronto...
Youngowi towarzyszą zarówno młodzi muzycy, którzy dopiero co dołączyli do zespołu jak też jego długoletni partnerzy jak Frank Sampedro, Rick Rosas, Ralph Molina czy Ben Keith.
Ktoś kiedyś napisał, że to właśnie ten weteran przypomina, jak zbuntowaną i niepokorną muzyką powinien być rock'n'roll. Album "Bluenote Café" jest tego najlepszym dowodem, jedno z najlepszych wydawnictw a.d. 2015!

"Bluenote Café" jest dostepny na dwóch nośnikach:
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Vinyl 4LP w cenie 179,99 zł

popMATTERS - 9/10:
(. . .) Those who casually dismiss Neil Young’s ‘80s work would be well-advised to give it another close look. Young wasn’t flailing about from style to style because he was desperately trying to fit into a new era and he was unsure how to do it. He was simply doing what he always does—whatever feels right to him at the time. One listen to A Treasure will reveal that far from being an intentional thorn in David Geffen’s side, Young was absolutely sincere and completely all-in to his “country” period, and the same is true with the tight blues-rock of Bluenote Café. Yeah, Young may have had trouble translating the sounds in his head into compelling studio albums during this period (a problem that would end once and for all at the end of the decade with Freedom), but in his live performances he was giving it all that he had and was totally invested in this music—it was never a lark. The same is true today. His most recent studio albums, Storytone and The Monsanto Years have been underwhelming to say the least, but his current tour is getting nothing but raves.

Neil Young isn’t afraid to try and fail—that’s the secret to his success and longevity. He has earned the stature to do that in a fickle industry, and he’s still out there, nearly 50 years since his first album with Buffalo Springfield, doing exactly what he wants to do. We are all fortunate that he is, but we’re also fortunate that in the past decade he’s finally loosened the locks on his musical vault and has been unleashing one superb archival release after another, each covering another aspect of his vast musical legacy. Bluenote Café is essential Neil Young, and further evidence that Young’s ‘80s work has more value than many fans and critics would expect or admit (. . .)

Neil Young - guitar & vocals

Bluenote Café:
Rick Rosas - bass
Chad Cromwell - drums
Frank Sampedro - keyboards
Steve Lawrence - lead tenor saxophone
Ben Keith - alto saxophone
Larry Cragg - baritone saxophone
Claude Cailliet - trombone
Tom Bray - trumpet
John Fumo - trumpet
Billy Talbot - bass
Ralph Molina - drums

1. Welcome To The Big Room*
2. Don't Take Your Love Away From Me**
3. This Note's For You***
4. Ten Men Workin'****
5. Life In The City****
6. Hello Lonely Woman****
7. Soul Of A Woman****
8. Married Man+
9. Bad News Comes To Town++
10. Ain't It The Truth++
11. One Thing++
12. Twilight++

1. I'm Goin'#
2. Ordinary People##
3. Crime In The City###
4. Crime Of The Heart####
5. Welcome Rap####
6. Doghouse####
7. Fool For Your Love####
8. Encore Rap####
9. On The Way Home+++
10. Sunny Inside####
11. Tonight's The Night####

Recorded on location at:
* Mt. View Theater, Mt. View, CA - 11/7/87
** The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA - 11/12/87
*** The Palace, Hollywood, CA - 4/13/88
**** The World, NY, NY - 4/18/88
+ The World, NY, NY - 4/21/88
++ Agoura Ballroom, Cleveland, OH - 4/23/88
+++ Poplar Creek Music Theatre, Hoffman Estates, IL - 8/16/88
# CNE, Toronto, Canada - 8/18/88
## Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT - 8/23/88
### Jones Beach, Wantagh, NY - 8/27/88
#### Pier 84, NY, NY - 8/30/88

wydano: 2015-11-13
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Reprise Records (USA)
Neil Young & Bluenote Café
Bluenote Café [2CD]
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