Must We Find A Winner

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Ten międzynardowy zespół złożony z duńskiego songwritera i multi-instrumentalistę Sorena Bonke, brytyjczyka Jonathana Beyera i nowozelandczyka Matthew Mitchinsona. Soren Bonke znany chociażby z formacji 6 Day Riot to postać nietuzinkowa. Urodzony w Danii, mieszkający w Londynie muzyk, właściciel studia nagranuiowego w East London, załozyciel wraz z Tamarą Schlesinger formacji 6 Day Riot, którą opuścił w 2008 by skupić się na autorskiej karierze. Komponuje muzykę do filmów, śpiewa, pisze teksty i gra na wielu instrumentach.

Muzykę formacji Klak Tik niektórzy krytycy porównują do piosenek Sufjana Stevensa, duetu Simon & Garfunkel czy Jim'a O’Rourke, twórców muzyki poetyckiej, melancholijnej, głęboko poruszającej i dzięki temu zapadającej głęboko w duszy. Akustyczne kompozycje wypełniają dźwięki charakterystyczne nie tylko dla muzyki klasycznej (znakomite orkiestracje) czy bossa novy (mistrzowska melancholia), ale także post-punka w stylu mrocznych utworów zespołu Radiohead.

Nie przez przypadek płyta "Must We Find A Winner" otrzymała znakomite recenzje w prasie muzycznej, wystarczy wspomnieć recenzję z NME - New Musical Express, w której płyta otrzymała prawie maksymalna ocenę (9 na 10 możliwych).

Na profilu myspace muzyka zespołu określana jest jako experimental/orchestral/alternative folk music, pod tą nazwą ukrywa się intymna i poetycka muzyka asymilująca wiele, pozornie odległych wrażliwości.

'The delightfully named Soren Bonke, [...] has released an album for which ‘delightful’ is too faint a signifier of praise' (NME)

'Some­times beau­ti­ful, some­times haunt­ing, con­sis­tently mes­meris­ing.' (Redbricks online)

'brilliant debut radiating with nonconformity, relaxation and musical majesty' (Redbricks Magazine)

'offers the same vulnerable intimacy Sufjan Stevens perfected on Illinoise' (Uncut)

'brimful of folk and indie sounds embellished with ornate orchestral accompaniment' (Record Collector)

'students of late-period Radiohead will find much to savour in Klak Tik's multi-layered explorations' The Music Fix

'this really is genuinely a beautiful album' Total Music Magazine

NME - New Musical Express, ocena: 9/10
The delightfully named Soren Bonke, formerly of 6 Day Riot, has released an album for which ‘delightful’ is too faint a signifier of praise. The Copenhagen-born multi-instrumentalist, who is as equally at home playing careworn pianos, fractally clear acoustic guitars and honeyed, battered brass cornets, patently has a rare songwriting talent that simultaneously calls to mind Sufjan Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel, Jim O’Rourke and James Mercer. Like little droplets of sublimity, these 13 tracks are built around chiming, tender and sorrowful melodies. So who has released the orchestral folk album of the year? Some people think it’s Bonke’s.
by John Doran

NME - New Musical Express, ocena: 9/10
When folk meets orchestra, the sound is Klak Tik. Multi-instrumentalist Soren Bonke broke off from Skins-featured 6 Day Riot in 2008, and in the following year this eight-piece was born.

Must We Find A Winner is highly experimental. It draws from influences coming from all corners of the earth and all eras, but pulls it off with enough expertise and even grace that anyone can enjoy it.

The sound is raw, haunting and utterly interesting. You find yourself in a constant state of never knowing how what you’re listening to will seamlessly blend into a complete tangent.

Sometimes beautiful, sometimes haunting, consistently mesmerising. We here at Redbrick Music have definitely found a winner with this album.

Serving suggestions: Take your boom-box and your tent into a wood, make a fire and listen to this as the sun sets.
by davidi

Editor's Info:
Creating genre-dodging alternative/orchestral/experimental folk, Klak Tik is the brainchild of Soren Bonke, a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist hailing from the outskirts of Copenhagen. Working together with a former band-mate and a stray kiwi from their instrument-laden home in East London, and being joined by various talented cohorts to form their 8-piece live act, they expand upon sparse and tender folk tunes to produce multi-layered, pseudo-orchestral pieces of music.

Taking full advantage of their entirely independent approach to recording, and Bonke’s ability to play brass, strings and extract music from nigh anything he touches, the band spent summer 2009 in their home/studio exploring the freedoms of a multi-tracking environment by writing and recording their debut album ‘Must We Find a Winner’.

Releasing the album in June 2010 on Safety First Records, via Cadiz/ Universal Music, to both popular and critical acclaim (with media praise including a 9/10 review from NME and 3 Stars from Uncut) Klak Tik have taken the album to the live arena, performing their songs to enamoured audiences throughout the summer.

Since release, Klak Tik have sold out the stunning Hoxton Hall for their album launch party, played the Magpies Nest ‘Folk Rising’ showcase at Cecil Sharp House, supported Bella Union artist Chimes & Bells at the Town Hall of Copenhagen’s self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood Freetown Christiania, and continued to impress as a live act capable of producing moments of true beauty and emotion.

Bonke’s compositional talents have also been publicly recognized in other mediums, with the music he provided for the Doctors Without Borders charity spot winning a Danish True Award and his soundtrack to The Black Dog’s Progress, a short animation, winning Best Music at the 2010 British Animation Awards.

Melodies writing rhythms, with harmonies disobediently following suit and intersecting instrumental lines cascading atop. Lyrical imagery and inquisition, the beating of chests (of a predominantly wooden variety) and sounds of mixed heritage being caressed and coerced into place. This is the language of Klak Tik.


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Must We Find A Winner
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