Little Boy Blue. The Duke Sides, 1952-1959

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Rock'n'roll/Soul Music
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Editor's infio:
In the 50s and early 60s, Bobby "Blue" Bland was one of the main creators of the modern soul-blues sound. Along with such artists as Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, and Junior Parker, Bland developed a sound that mixed gospel with blues and R&B. Bobby's style of soul-blues was punctuated with a slick big-band sound, showing the considerable influence of B.B. Kingflavored guitar riffs. This essential collection compiles 22 tracks that Bland recorded for the Duke label. It serves as the best introduction for anyone wanting to explore the finest moments of Bobby Bland's discography. This is the material upon which Bland's reputation was built. It is enduring music: blues played by small to mid-size ensembles, complete with sassy horns and a ringing vibraphone. And Bobby Bland's wailing voice is, from the outset, a confident and expressive instrument. Veteran music critic Dave Marsh may have provided the best description of Bobby "Blue" Bland in the 1979 Rolling Stone Record Guide by rhetorically asking: "The black Sinatra?"

"His music is good for that time at a party when the moment comes to slow down with a tune that you can get close to your partner and get lost in time and place." - Colin Small
"An outstanding voice" - Downbeat magazine
"No blues fan should be minus this set!" - Bill Dahl (AMG)

BOBBY "BLUE" BLAND, vocals on all tracks, plus:
Roy Gaines, Clarence Holliman, Pat Hare (guitar), Hamp Simmons (bass),
Connie Mack Booker (piano), Teddy Reynolds (piano & organ),
Sonny Freeman (drums), Bill Harvey (saxophone), Joe Scott (trumpet),
Pluma Davis (trombone). Further information is detailed inside booklet.
Arranged by Joe Scott.
Recorded in Memphis / Nashville (Tennessee) and Houston (Texas) between 1952 and 1959.

1. You Did Me Wrong 2:37
2. No Blow, No Show 3:01
3. I Don't Believe 2:39
4. Farther Up The Road 3:00
5. I Smell Trouble 2:33
6. You Got Me (Where You Want Me) 2:29
7. Loan A Helping Hand 2:28
8. Last Night 2:54
9. You've Got A Bad Intentions 2:33
10. Little Boy Blue 2:33
11. It's My Life, Baby 2:39
12. Time Out 2:51
13. I Learned My Lesson 2:47
14. Bobby's Blues 2:21
15. Teach Me (How To Love You) 2:11
16. I Lost Sight On The World 2:37
17. Woke Up Screaming 2:47
18. Don't Want No Woman 2:40
19. Lost Lover Blues 2:38
20. I Can't Put You Down Baby 2:39
21. Army Blues 2:42
22. Wishing Well 2:33

total time - 58:19
wydano: 2010
nagrano: Recorded at J&M Studio and Cosimo Recording Studio in New Orleans, Louisiana (USA), between February 1953 and October 1958.
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Hoo Doo Records
Bobby 'Blue' Bland
Little Boy Blue. The Duke Sides, 1952-1959
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