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"Presents" is a re-issue of 10 Ft. Ganja Plant's ground breaking 1st album now with 2 Bonus tracks. Bonus tracks have never been available digitally and will make this album a fan favorite.

"Smokin' 70's-style Jamaican dub!" -

"deep authentic reggae heavy on the vibes." - CMJ

Who is 10 Ft. Ganja Plant? They are a dub & roots reggae band shrouded in mystery. They hail from the Northeast and are rumored to share members with another much heralded reggae group, John Brown's Body. Anyone who has seen them live or owns one of their albums can attest to the fact that no other band has captured the 70's spirit quite like this crew. They played ROIR's 2006 CMJ party and tore the house down. Full Fall touring schedule soon to be announced!

These recordings were inspired by the recording process of the great Jamaican studio bands of t-he 70's (and their American counterparts, Motown and Stax) where a song was written, learned, and recorded by the band in one session, with the band playing live on one track and then being voiced on the second track with no regrets and no apologies. "Presents" harkens back to a lighter time- these tracks will lift your spirits and tempt you to shake your rumpa! Please come dance with us- play Good Time Girl and move those wingtips!

Recorded at Mang Studio with the lineup of: Ranks on drums, Kevzar on bass, Natty Nate Silas on guitar, C-Money on organ and clavinet, and Sacca Massa Ganna on guitar. This is straight up 70's Jamaican dub sound once again mixed with the perfect balance of tradition and revolution by Craig Rankin' Welsch. Features guest appearances by the Lucente sisters, the unmatched saxophone of Timo Shanko, and many other fruits. Kick back and watch the Plant grow!

Praise for Presents and previous 10 Ft. Ganja Plant releases:

"... an example of dub at its finest." - Global Rhythm

"Like a communion with Jah Bob [Marley] via ouija board." -WIRE (uk)

"Highly recommended to all John Brown's Body fans and anyone else with an insatiable hunger for classic reggae." - All Music Guide

"Refreshingly urgent and transcendent...rarely has a reggae group ever appeared so accomplished in mixing orthodox roots reggae with modern dub creation." - The Beat

"It's as if we'd uncovered a lost collaboration among Jimmy Cliff, Augustus Pablo, and Ernest Ranglin."- Boston Phoenix

"... it's amazing how 10 Ft Ganja Plant mixes orthodox roots reggae with modern dub creation without producing waves of electronic dribble. They are innovative enough to build on top of an already-sturdy foundation laid down by Jamaican musicians generations ago." - Slug Mag



ROIR [Reach Out International Records] USA
10 Ft. Ganja Plant
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