Below The Radar: The Best of Wordsound Dub

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Skiz Fernando Jr. has assembled his best underground Dub, an evil stew that bubbles up from your gut from the 50 albums he has released internationally in the last 6 years.


"Dungeon of Dub" - recorded at Greenpoint Studios, Crooklyn around '95 by The Eye, originally as a WordSound I-Powa dub plate.

"Operation Duppy Conquerer 2001" - recorded at Greenpoint by Professor Shehab and The Eye. Featuring Bill Laswell on bass.

"Born God" - recorded by Slotek on a crooked night at the Other Side in Williamsburg, Crooklyn. In Supreme Mathematics, "born" and "god" stand for the numbers "9" and "7", the year this Slotek debut was released.

"Mayday/Nightstalker" - was one of The Ill Saint's first musical forays. It was recorded in a home 8-track studio in the Lower East Side around '93.

"Forward Roots" - recorded at The Other Side by The Eye. It was originally released as a 7-inch by the German label Dojo, who pressed only 3000 numbered copies.

"Revelations" - recorded by spectre at the Other Side.

"One" - recorded by Slotek at The Other Side. It was originally meant to have a female vocal on it, which got mysteriously corrupted on the ADAT tape.

"Closed Door" - recorded by Mick Harris (a.k.a The Weakener) in Birmingham, England. It just goes to show that "crooked" is a state of mind.

"High" - an all live track created by The Eye at The Other Side.

"Crooklyn Dub Syndicate" - recorded at the Dub Meltdown summit between Bill Laswell and Style Scott in December '96 at Greenpoint Studios. It was mixed in July '97 by The Eye.

"Fall Of The Towers of Convention" - recorded at Greenpoint as well, represents one of those rare moments of synergy and magick when beauty emerges from the chaos.

This extra-classic track was conjured by Jadoo and The Mystic. "Stolen Moments" - produced by The Eye, was recorded at the old Bass Mind Studios, Crooklyn. ***Bonus track - previously unreleased***



ROIR [Reach Out International Records] USA
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Below The Radar
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