Meets Puls Der Zeit

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Editor's info:
IN 1989, ROIR, then a cassette-only company, released this title to rave reviews from the reggae and dub press. It helped introduce the brilliant UK dub mixer, The Mad Professor, to the American public and it became a really substantial seller and a dub classic.

PULS DER ZEIT (Pulse of Time) were an underground German reggae/dub band fronted by the mysterious Nico-like Soer La Blanche (White Sister), who were dub-obsessed and produced by Peter Vinyl. The Mad Professor, at the time, was quickly becoming one of the world's "new dub" legends, rivaling Jah Shaka and Adrian Sherwood of On-U Sound for his extremely eccentric and psychedelic heavy-bass reggae-influenced rhythms.

PULS DER ZEIT, and their producer Peter Vinyl, met The Mad Professor in 1983 and became mutually enamored, working jointly on a variety of records and experimental musical projects. The resulting fusion of talent, temperament, bonding and love for the roots of reggae resulted in this release, which we are now digitally remastering for CD.

"A reputation for eccentric, attention-grabbing records. His (The Mad Professor) music reveals a quality all of his own. He retains huge respect and a loyal following world wide." - The Guinness Who's Who of Reggae

"Working out of his studios in Peckham and Thornton Hearth in South London, Neil Fraser (a.k.a. The Mad Professor) has created an equally recognizable, personal sound (Jah Shaka, On-U-Sound, Adrian Sherwood)." - The Rough Guide to Reggae

"Following in Lee Perry's footsteps, The Mad Professor continues his one man assault on the borders of reggae. Mixing one part Lee Perry, two parts King Tubby, and a dash of electronic LSD. Liberally stirred. Nuclear dub." - Reggae Beat

"A high-tech jumble of sounds of spacey instrumental dub. Hard to resist. Shifts from radio broadcast to howling solo sax to Puls's eccentric lyrics." - The New York Press

"Unique trans-national reggae and dub. Some extreme dub treatments from The Mad Professor. A pleasant surprise. Recommended. A little unusual." - Option

"A unique dub confrontation between The Mad Professor (a.k.a Neil Fraser) and his Ariwa Posse and German reggae band Puls Der Zeit and its master mixer Peter Vinyl." - Up From 7

"Whoa! Jackpot! This is it! Do you like eccentric world-beat experiments? Bizarre culture collisions? Well, look no further. A monster! The book of rules has been set aside. Builds dub with it's own set of rules. The music is sparse, rhythmically diverse, playful, full of surprises. The mix is subtle and brilliant, instruments and voices drifting everywhere, strange and mysterious. The best of dub." - Puncture

"Amazing dub production. If you are a fan of Adrian Sherwood and Lee 'Scratch' Perry, you'll like this one." - On The Record

"Adventurous mix, space-dub. Novel, quirky, and, um, interesting. Likeably goofy, though, and draped in that languid, boneless European hipness that drives Yanks mad with envy. Half old-fashioned style of dub - sleepy, lazy, low energy and hypnotic. Half rougher, tougher, kind of Euro-hippie, Afro-reggae. Mad Professor drops them into huge rippling dub echoes - very psychedelics dub collages." - John Strausbaugh, City Paper

"This is another experimentally creative 'Mad' Professor. This rarity is appealing, the reggae beat with German lyrics." - Alternative Press

"Hardcore fans of toasting will dig it." - Option

"The Professor's self-created style of dub is combined with the German reggae band Puls Der Zeit's embracing fusion of rock vocals with a dub wise flair." - CMJ

"Haunting and rhythmic excursion and contemporary dub reggae mixing." - Danceteria


ROIR [Reach Out International Records] USA
Mad Professor
Meets Puls Der Zeit
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