Meets Bullwackie In Satan's Dub

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Editor's info:
Lee "Scratch" Perry, always the off-beat and original "Mad Genius" is known for producing not only the hardest rebel rasta tunes, but the most unpredictable instrumental dubs. In "Satan's Dub", a collaboration with Bullwackie (a well-known Jamaican producer in his own right) the dubmaster Lee "Scratch" Perry (A.K.A. "The Upsetter") proves once again that his originality and imagination still rule.

"Tight, propulsive dancing dub with plenty of message worked in. Treats a plenty." NME U.K.

"Provocative, multi-dimensional, an other worldly journey deep into the inner space of Perry's perplexing head." CMJ, "The Reggae Route"

"The bass is a tirelessly lumbering monster, scores of horns tumbling in and out of the mix." Melody Maker U.K.

"Perry makes a case for the chilling tones of dub, a narcotic expanse." Boston Phoenix

"Gunshot, breaking glass, bawling babies and tons of echoes are his favorite toys on Satan's Dub." Rock and Folk (France)

"The sampled sounds of the streets segues into Perry's hypnotic rhythm patterns. Harder than the rest." Edwin Pouncey, U.K.

"Dub craziness, layering random broadcasts (of conflicts from the Civil Rights Movement), strikers discussing strategy, the 'troubles' in Ulster, his own Zippy the Pinhead skanking, gunshots, police whistles. Dripping with atmosphere." Puncture



ROIR [Reach Out International Records] USA
Lee 'Scratch' Perry
Meets Bullwackie In Satan's Dub
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