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Editor's Info:
A collaboration between Dieter Meier of Yello ("The Godfather of Electronic Music") and Lee "Scratch" Perry (a/k/a "The Upsetter" and "Super Ape").

A glorious hybrid of electronic dance frenzy produced at Dieter's Switzerland studio with reggae superstar Lee "Scratch" Perry.

An amazing story but true!! Yello, the Swiss dance duo, is led by Dieter Meier, musician, conceptualist, millionaire businessman, professional gambler, and member of the Swiss national golf team. Dieter heard that "Scratch" was living nearby in Switzerland and invited him to his S.H.S. Zurich studio to sing, rap, extemporize, etc. over acoustic tracks laid down by some of the Yello family of acoustic musicians. Later these tracks were given the full techno-electronic mix treatment by the Yello coterie of sound wizards.

"Scratch" in his inimitable eccentric style refused to enter the studio but stayed on the outside lawn with headphones on and a microphone in hand, vocalizing and spiritualizing ad-hoc to rhythms laid down at the same time by the musicians in the studio. The end result: A mighty mix of the "Yello" sound and Scratch vocalogy in peak form - 2 unique and extraordinary styles melded together in a musical dance feast guaranteed to get your body moving from the get-go.

"Listening to these primal ramblings backed by melodic sitars, hypnotic tablas, throbbing didgeridoos, jungle-beat synth samples, and Kraftwerkian choruses leads to an ambient hallucinogenic virt-aural sur-reality trip. An entire genre of music for techno-ravers is about to be invaded by Pipecock Jaxson! The world, as we knew it, is about to change forever." - Reggae Runnings

"Now here's a marriage made in cyberspace, er, I mean, heaven. Lee "Scratch" Perry...with the help of Yello's Dieter Meier, presents the next big thing in popular music - technoreggae. On Technomajikal, the genetic mutations combine ethnic culture and beats with the circuitry of modern day techno music. The resulting songs are something that will make parents hit the dance floor, yelling 'Jah Mahn,' while the kids shimmy up beside them banging heads to the pulsating , electronica inherent throughout this entire album, but especially in songs like L.S.D.-L.S.P., UFO Attack and X-Perry-Ment. A real treat!" - Rock Love


ROIR [Reach Out International Records] USA
Lee 'Scratch' Perry [Prod. D. Meier - Yello]
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