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opis:, 2007-12-03 :
'...Irlandzki piosenkarz i kompozytor Chris De Burgh uważa 'The Storyman' za swój najbardziej osobisty album w karierze. Na płycie znalazło się 12 piosenek, a każda z nich została opatrzona specjalnym komentarzem artysty. Muzyka zebrane na tej płycie jest rodzajem pomostu, łączy bowiem różne europejskie wpływy od zawsze fascynujące artystę...'

Editor's info:
The Storyman will surely prove to be one of the most immediately identifiable albums in the long and illustrious career of Chris de Burgh. Vivid story-making has, after all, always been at the very core of his worldwide success, and Canada has always been a cornerstone of this troubadour's overwhelming success in North America.
Whether his lyrical - and musical - themes have tackled love and loss or been set against imaginative backdrops created from the past, present or future, the telling of tales is his special gift. Across more than three decades, Chris de Burgh's extensive repertoire of songs has taken his audience on travels through continents, cultures and centuries - in cinematic proportion. Such is the inspiration behind the concept of The Storyman.
"From the moment the overture music of the album begins, I am inviting the listener to join me on a journey through space and time," Chris explains, "to faraway lands and places, where the tales and dramas will unfold."
On The Storyman, 'Leningrad' features the London Russian Choir, 'My Father's Eyes' is a duet with the Egyptian singer Hani Hussein (recently a runner-up in the Middle Eastern version of 'Star Academy' - similar to the UK's version of 'Fame Academy') while the three-piece African vocal group The Mahotella Queens sing on 'Spirit'. 'Raging Storm' - a forthcoming single - is a duet with Kristyna Myles, winner of the BBC 'Busker Of The Year' competition and, on 'The Mirror Of The Soul', Chris - a former pupil himself - is joined by The Marlborough College Chamber Choir. Also on board is The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, on tracks recorded at London's legendary Abbey Road studios.
"My hope is that each person who listens will let themselves believe that they are in a cinema, the lights go down as the overture of 'The Storyman Theme' starts to play," says Chris. "I'd like them then to simply drift away into the world of their imagination, where dreams begin, and anything is possible."


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The Storyman
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