Quincy Jones + Harry Arnold + Big Band equals JAZZ!

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Editor's info:
This set brings back half of Quincy Jones and Swedish musician Harry Arnold's collective recorded legacy, the other half consisting of a live recording containing an almost identical repertoire.
"Highlights: The spirit with which American jazz composerarranger Quincy Jones infused the band... The great performance on Doodlin'... Bengt Hallberg's consistently excellent piano... The high calibre of the solos throughout.
When a Harry Arnold album was issued in this country in 1957 titled simply "The Mystery Band" it received uniformly good critical reviews, with guesses as to the band's identity ranging from Elliot Lawrence to Harry James to Nelson Riddle to Woody Herman. Surprise was great when the writers were told this actually was a swinging group of Swedish musicians. If you never did hear that one, be prepared for an even greater shock upon listening to this album. One vital ingredient has been added to the band -the superb writing talents of Quincy Jones, the young American composer-arranger who moved to Paris in 1957 and has made it his home." (From the original liner notes)

Tracks 1-9: "Harry Arnold + Big Band + Quincy Jones = Jazz!": Harry Arnold's Orchestra conducted by Quincy Jones featuring Benny Bailey (tp), Ake Persson (tb), Arne Domnerus (as), Rolf Blomquist (ts, fl) & Bengt Hallberg (p). Arrangements by Quincy Jones. Stockholm, February 14, March 19 & April 29, 1958.
Tracks 10 & 19: Similar personnel. Stockholm, June 10, 1958.
Tracks 11-14: Quincy Jones and his Orchestra: Art Farmer (tp),Jimmy Cleveland, Ake Persson (tb), Arne Domnerus (cl,as), Lars Gullin (bs), Bengt Hallberg (p), Simon Brehm (b), Alan Dawson (d). Quincy Jones (arr, cond). Stockholm, Sweden, November 10, 1953.
Tracks 15-18: Harry Arnold's Orchestra featuring Benny Bailey. Stockholm, November 19, 1958.

1. Quincy's Home Again 2:28
2. The Midnight Sun Never Sets 4:07
3. Cherokee 3:14
4. Count 'Em 5:30
5. Brief Encounter 3:04
6. Room 308 3:14
7. Kinda Blues 6:00
8. Meet Benny Bailey 3:50
9. Doodlin' 5:13
10. Sermonette 2:33
11. Pogo Stick 6:31
12. Liza 5:31
13. Jones Bones 5:40
14. Sometimes I'm Happy 5:50
15. Flight Sk 641 2:43
16. Frantic Blues 2:35
17. Valley Stream Special 3:20
18. Wrappin' It Up 2:30
19. Meet Harry And Quincy (Conversation) 1:04

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Gambit Records (UE)
Quincy Jones / Harry Arnold's Big Band
Quincy Jones + Harry Arnold + Big Band - JAZZ!
band leader
Vinyl 1LP
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