Girl And A Cello

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To urocze dziewcze z wiolonczelą doprowadziło do szału 26-tysięczną publiczność podczas Rockslide Festiwal 2007.
Jako członkini zespołu "Kenneth Bager Experience", gdy odłożyła wiolonczelę i usiadła za perkusją w swojej czarnej, seksownej wieczorowej sukni i zaczęła grać kilku-minutowe, energetyczne solo wyglądała jak same Lars Ulrich z Metallica. Roskildowcom szczęki opadły, nikt nie spodziewał takiej petardy (!).

32 letnia pół irlandka, pół angielka Janie Pricce dzieli swój czas pomiędzy Danią a Londynem, gdzie się urodziła i wychowała.

Jej debiutancki album (2004) "The Insides" otrzymała niesamowite recenzje:
The Daily Telegraph - 'Brzmi jak Bjork skrzyżowana z Rickiem Lee Jones, Price pnie się do góry ze swoją bujną kolekcją melancholijnych dźwiękach'.
The Sun - 'Olśniewający debiut ... nasycony oryginalnymi pomysłami'

Najnowszy album 'Girl And A Cello' zawiera przeważnie własne kompozycje Bird aka Janie Price z dwoma wyjątkami: 'Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others' z repertuaru Morrissey'a i zespołu The Smith. Drugi cover to 'Debaser' The Pixies.

Editor's info:
Bird story
Janie Price was six years old when she first picked up a cello. At the same time her father was diagnosed with incurable cancer.
"I remember my hair falling out, when my fathers did. That my mom drank bodybuilder shakes, because she was too worried to eat. That I lived with my school teacher, who was in an amateur dramatics club, and getting a part in the play - all the actors made a fuss of me and bought me a pair of gold colored slippers, which I loved." The doctors tried out a new cure on her dying father. 'No matter what, you are going to die. Maybe this will help. Maybe it will kill you before the cancer does'. It worked. He is now 70 - and metal turns black if it touches his skin because of those chemicals. "It's made me an optimist, a romantic. I believe in happy endings," says Price.
The posh tutors of the orchestra that Janie played in all through childhood, thought she swayed too much to the music. So she found an outlet for her passion at a place with no limits to self expression - behind the drums in a punk band. She still swayed though. Janie Price played pubs she was technically not old enough to drink in. With classical violinists and glam rock bands. For the Prince of Monaco and in the mud of Glastonbury. But she didn't just want to play the arrangements of others. She wanted to create her own music, the stuff one could sway to. So Janie Price became Bird and released her debut album to roaring praise. But big promises about big breakthroughs on big contracts with big record companies evaporated like mirages. So Price got into art school and was offered a semester in Denmark. In a small apartment without shower things were boiled down to the strings, and concurrently with her love of Danish curry herrings Bird's second album grew. Into a girl and a magic gumball of a cello.

Facts on Bird aka Janie Price:
• 32-year old Irish/English Janie Price splits her time between Denmark and London, where she is born and raised
• Bird's 2004 debut album 'The Insides' received amazing reviews. The Daily Telegraph wrote "Sounding like Björk crossed with Rickie Lee Jones, Price has come up trumphs with a collection of lush atmospheric tunes" and The Sun wrote "Sparkling debut album...bursting with original ideas"
• As a result of the 2004 debut album Bird has a huge fanbase in countries like the UK, Belgium, Holland and Italy, have done major TV- and radio shows in Germany, and a live MTV performance in Italy
• Lent her cello to Just Jack on the album 'Overtones', her vocal to Vanessa Mae (with whom she toured extensively) and also toured with Young Offenders amongst others
• Made 26.000 people go crazy at Roskilde Festival 2007 as part of the Kenneth Bager Experience Live show, when she put down the cello, got behind the drums - in her sexy black cocktail dress - and beat them up like another Lars Ulrich in a 3 minute long jaw dropping solo. No one saw that one coming (!)

• Had a part in Kenneth Bager's 'Bang Bang - a Space Cabaret' at the renowned Bellevue Theatre
• Has played the cello since first grade and drums since her teens
• Is also an artist, a modern dancer and has a bachelor degree from Saint Martin's School of Art & Design
• Loves Formula 1 racing and quality cocktails


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Girl And A Cello
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