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Before being met by a few fellow musical travellers like himself, it was alone, in his studio that Alan Stivell crafted this beautiful tribute to time, inspired by the change of seasons and poetry.

The deep solace that transpires is supported by a « sound design » where vocals, flutes, and percussions build the mould for some contemplative music, a kind of avant-folk with an innovative electronic take.

Immemorial past and modernity come together in this passing of time, an AMzer.

Alan Stivell is first and foremost an original.

Not content with reviving a forgotten instrument in his earliest youth, he gradually brought in its electric version.

Not content with fusing rock music with the music of his roots, he went beyond this partnership to draw on all the influences available, eclecticism taken to its logical conclusion.

Certainly Alan Stivell is the high priest – and even the inventor – of Celtic music.

But this could make us forget that his is a quest for a Global music. There is no lack of modesty in this, just a rare and irresistible attraction to all music, from all places and times.

Listening to his 24 albums, it is easy to spot influences from all the main musical genres, references to various periods, from Antiquity to the electronic age, and a wealth of ethnic echoes.

The culture dearest to his heart, however, remains at the core of his work. Indeed, how could a truly universal music exclude the Celtic idiom?

Similarly, his voice travels through different styles, timbres and times, following his feelings and desires. Weightless, it has a very personal rhythmic accent.

His chosen words, his own or by others, travel like his voice and his music from one style and one language to another – including local accents within a text. The most Cartesian among us could get lost.

He calmly goes his own way.

And his audience seems not to lose a single thread – or harp string – binding them to him for half a century in some cases, a week in others.


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Alan Stivell
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