Balearic Biscuits

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Założony w 2001 roku label Music for Dreams od swojego debiutu (BLISS 'Afterlife') niezmiennie pozostaje jedną z czołowych wytwórni spod znaku chill out/lounge na świecie. Systematycznie poszczególne utwory z płyt wydawanych przez Music for Dreams trafiają na kompilacje BUDDHA BAR, Mezzanine De L'alcazar, HOTEL COSTES, Saint Germain Des Pres Cafe czy CAFE DEL MAR stając się ich prawdziwą ozdobą. Wielką gwiazdą jest porównywany do klasyków trip-hopu Portishead i Massive Attack zespół BLISS, 6 marca 2006 roku ukazała się specjalna dwupłytowa edycja wyjątkowego albumu 'Quiet Letters" z remixami Herberta, Bonobo, Fuga czy Christophera Goze'a.

Założycielem wytwórni jest duński dj - Kenneth Bager, którego nazwisko można znależć na ponad 500 różnych chill-outowych kompilacjach na całym świecie. Kolejne płyty w katalogu Music for Dreams są wciągającą podróżą w poszukiwaniu emocji oraz pasjii, które Bager dosłownie wyczarowuje, harmonizują one z jego osobowością i gustem artystycznym. Muzyka na nich zawarta jest pełna relaksu i odprężenia, warto słuchać jej wieczorami, odpocząć po całym dniu, wypijając filiżankę aromatycznej herbaty.
Editor's Info:
On "Balearic biscuits" Music for dreams has yet again compiled a selection of 13 superb tracks with a great international feeling and the sound of party clubbing.

As always with Music for dreams one should expect daring and bold takes on todays now sounds as producers and musicians unfold their creativity. It is quite simply put music with a high "feel good" level.

The compilation kicks off with Austrian Marcus Füreder aka Parov Stellar who has lately made a name for himself with his unique productions. Using elements of jazz, swing and house Parov stellar is guaranteed to deliver funky and tight productions. On "Balearic biscuits" you will find two examples of his productions, showing off his amazingly creative productive skills.

Bang Bang aka Xavier Jamaux is a french trip-hop musician whom among others have worked with Alex Gopher and AIR. Here he is represented with the electro-rock track "Shoot the model" which is a super catchy and engergetic hybrid reminiscent of Bowie.

Germany's Shantel has to be this compilations most curious track, and this is said in good faith. As the track Mahalageasca unleashes its heavy tubainfested riff and clarinets weaves in and out of the cachophonic beat it is like attending a funky Balkan clubnight. Guaranteed wall to wall smiles here.

Dino's - Call me is a groovy and witty example of urban cookness. Not oftenly does one hear catchy non-instrumental whistle but when added to a simple foundation of beats, bass and triangle this updated take on punk-rock turns into a groovy bittersweet story of lost love. Even monkeys are more thoughtful.

From a basement in Stockholm comes the brother and sister producer team Karin and Olof Dreijer aka the Knife. They put out sublime machinebased electro-pop. Their lyrics deals with political issues and their music is fast becoming Sweden's next big export article in the party category. Included here is the track "Pass this on", which backed up by a surreal and catchy video from the outbacks of Sweden has generated a huge interest. Check out the use of a steeldrum in the groove.

Followers of Music for dreams will recognize and enjoy included acts like Cantoma, Frontera and Hess is more.

Yes, this is definately Balearic biscuits with a crunch.



Music For Dreams (DK)
Różni Wykonawcy - Compiled By Kenneth Bager
Balearic Biscuits
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