Free Chocolate LoveThemes: Electro-Coctail Lounge volume 1

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Editor's Info:
Sit back, relax and plunge into the lush enticing world of... free chocolate love!
The split album free chocolate love is a tribute from david shea and scanner to lounge or cocktail music, the first of opus of a new collection called themes.Themes is an invitation to an high-tech travel to the land of 'cult' music, from les baxter to prince charles, jeanjacques perrey to latino soul, soundtracks to...what is the essence of all these strange cult anthems, what is the common factor between kitschy dicso and attilio mineo's futuristic extravagance? An answer to discover in next themes volumes through the work of musicians like atom heart, stock-hausen & walkman, rip-off artist... a wide range of influences: lounge, electrofunk, disco, samba, electro-pop... if there is a general thematic guideline behind themes, there are no genre restrictions. The main idea is the confrontation of these pearls from the 'past' and the present technology or techniques...

David Shea
In david shea's universe nothing seems to be impossible! Imagine spike jones remixed by john cage or lil' louis working with stockhausen, the meeting of tex avery and jean-luc godard with a musical illustration from les baxter. As a «human sampler», david shea tends to redifine the common space-continuum, geographical, sociological and musical frontiers, reaching a point of restructuration where anachronism is senseless. As a solo artist, or playing with john zorn, zeena parkins, marc ribot, scanner, shea never forgets that improvisation is a pleasure...

Since 1993, scanner @robin rimbaud is the 'flaneur electronique', turning «voyeurism» into art. The story began with the simple use of a mobile phone scanner extracting textures and voices from one's daily phone conversation, the art of peeping... after a «in the shadow» period, when the scanner mystery virus spread rapidly, he is now running against time, producing a constant and massive flow of material for the radio, theatre, installations, various labels under his nickname or as robin rimbaud. Scanner is also knownas producer, remixer, and recently started his own label sulphur…


Sub Rosa (BE)
Scanner / David Shea
Free Chocolate LoveThemes
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