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Electronic music is selling more than ever with new releases by the Chemical Brothers, Boards Of Canada, Clinic & a recent release by Crystal Method- Asphalt Jungle's debut release "Electro Ave." could not have come at a better time. It combines the writing & producing talents of Brian Tarquin (3 solo albums on Instinct Records) & Chris Ingram and incorporates funky big beats with metallic percussive guitar riffs. "Electro Ave." features MTV's "Road Rules" hit track "Witchcraft" and a re-mixed bonus version by DJ Soul Slinger & DJ Wally. It also includes "Tinsel Town" which has been heard by millions of "Making The Band" viewers. With their own unique style, Asphalt Jungle has blended live raw guitar tones with fast paced bottomless grooves.

Long time partners, Tarquin & Ingram have written the music for MTV's 1998/1999 television show "Road Rules," as well as producing music for many other TV shows including the "X-Files" and ABC's "Making The Band". The duo also has a long history in recording and producing albums together. Inspired by the early 90's London Acid Jazz & British Electronica Revolution, Tarquin & Ingram scored a top 20 hit (Billboard) with, "This Is Acid Jazz, The Best Of Acid Jazz Vol. 2" on Instinct Records. Asphalt Jungle's first release is a culmination of experience & desire, both Chris & Brian relish the opportunity to have 'their' music finally heard- so listen up!

Keyboard Magazine calls 'Electro Ave.' "intense, guitar driven electronica- fast and funky beats, an in your face mix, rapid-fire sample slices, loops made out of screaming metal guitar riffs," while Guitarist Magazine says "Electro Ave. is fantastic & brave with an innovative flair of guitar ingenuity that is reminiscent of Jeff Beck.'


ROIR [Reach Out International Records] USA
Asphalt Jungle
Electro Ave.
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