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Roots Radics started informally in 1978 as a group of well-known respected artists, brought together by superstar Gregory Isaacs to back his recording endeavors. The concept of being a "group" really stuck as they continued to back Isaacs' as well as Yellowman, Eek-A-Mouse, Clint Eastwood & General Saint, The Wailing Souls, Don Carlos, Linval Thompson, Frankie Paul, The Meditations, Sugar Minott, Shinehead, Culture, Bunny Wailer, Prince Far-I, Adrian Sherwoods' "On-U Sound System" and many others.

The Roots Radics special sound is rootsy, heavy and danceable. They are masters of the cool and deadly "one-drop" sound. "Hot We Hot Dub" is the hot dub version of the RAS release "Hot We Hot". Originally released as a cassette-only by ROIR in 1989, it has now been digitally re-mastered for CD with two bonus tracks produced by Dwight Pinkney. Never before available on CD.

In Dub history the Roots Radics were the musicians on a majority of Scientist's historic productions. Under the pseudonym "The Arabs", they backed Prince Far-I on his most crucial Dub recordings. As recording artists, on their own merits, the Roots Radics have released records for RAS, Heartbeat, Taboui and Trojan Records.

"All (musicians) had been active in the Kingston recording scene before coming together as the Radics in 1978, and formed a unique and soon to be dominant sound when they combined a sparser, slower and at times more threatening sound than what had gone before." Steve Barrow & Peter Dalton- Reggae The Rough Guide

"It goes down pretty damn good." Puncture Magazine

"Technically awesome. A full sound with lots of brass and plenty of bass." - Fact Sheet Five

"The Radics really know how to use the spaces within their notes. Flabba Holt and Style Scott tear it up. A challenging album that demands attention. One of the Radics best performances since the back-up to Gregory Isaacs' legendary 1982 recording the "Night Nurse" album." - Reggae Beat

"If you really want to get inside the rhythm of reggae, hypnotic reggae rhythm downright irresistible to dance to. Keeps the rootsy portion of reggae music alive and skanking." Hot Spot from The Mad Professor. A pleasant surprise. Recommended. A little unusual." - Option

"The heart-stopping rhythms demand that the Hi-Fi be turned to the MAXIMUM." Cassette World UK

"Kicks out the Jahm's on the cool skank of "Mix Me Up" and "Come Out Of We Land." J. Poet - Propaganda

"The unexpected find Excellent ROIR dub release." The Beat

"Pop this cassette into a tape deck right away. Hear what the "irie" Reggae World is raving about." Andell Forgie- Editor Reggae World & Entertainment News

"In remastering for CD, the bass and drums have been pushed to create the heaviest bottom possible! It will make your stomach rumble! The way Dub should!" Neil Cooper - Dub Freak



ROIR [Reach Out International Records] USA
Roots Radics
Hot We Hot Dub
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