Sacred System - Dub Chamber - Chapter Two

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Editor's info:
Immediately after remixing Bob Marley for Island / Tuff Gong / Axiom for a "new" dub electronic release (Sept. 26, 1997) and performing a similar task on Miles Davis for Sony / Columbia for a dub-oriented instrumental release (Winter '98), Laswell went into his new Orange, NJ studio to produce "Sacred System: Chapter Two," his 2nd release for ROIR.

With the sounds of Marley and Miles still ringing in his ears, he brought jazz cornetist Graham Haynes, master guitarist Nicky Skopelitis, ace world percussionist Bill Buchen and Jamaican drumming legend Style Scott into the studio to create a new Laswell World Sound- a mixture of Arabic, Indian and Bitches Brew jazz- but Laswell NEW.

A word about the musicans:
Graham Haynes just came out with his 3rd Antilles-Verve jazz release "Tones for the 21st Century," of which CMJ said "a cascade of global space jazz." Haynes is one of the exploding group of young Turks on the contemporary music scene.

Nicky Skopelitis is a regular on Laswell productions since 1982, including Material and Golden Palominos. A master of the rock/jazz/world guitar, he has his own records out on Virgin and has a legion of followers among guitar musicians and fanatics.

Bill Buchen: Preeminent class- A world musician, trained with Ustad Kadar Khan.

Style Scott: drummer for Roots Radics, Dub Syndicate.



ROIR [Reach Out International Records] USA
Bill Laswell
Bill Laswell
Sacred System - Dub Chamber - Chapter Two
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