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Nu-Jazz/Acid jazz/Lounge Jazz
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Norwegia
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Editor's Info:
The fourth album from this quartet and quite possibly their very best. Brilliantly performed and recorded, it´s highlighting the delicate balance between Ballamy and Henriksen´s melodic and lyrical playing and the electronic soundscapes they fully started to explore on "Veggie". Which speaks volumes when we know that "Veggie" was nominated for a Norwegian grammy and received some outstanding reviews, "this is remarkable, visionary music (Jazz UK), "a very important work" (Milkfactory, UK). And lets not forget Mats Eilertsen and Thomas Stronen, one of many excellent rhythm sections currently working in Norwegian jazz.
The Wire (UK)
There´s enough space on "Last Supper" to allow for an immense delicacy to play itself out. Brass from Ballamy and Henriksen assume high-floating melody lines that are kept aloft by some understated rhythm work from Eilertsen and Stronen, aided by tiny electronic atmospherics. Superb.
Straight No Chaser (UK)
Ooh, nice. Rune Grammofon´s a label on a deeply interesting roll right now with a slew of new releases of brainy, beautiful contemporary music and this, with its half-breath, half-note trumpet tones, electronic soundscapery, acoustic bass, shiny percussion and sweet saxes from Iain Ballamy, is a lovely example. Colourful, clever and often properly affecting, the restraint, instrumental virtuosity and admirable commitment to seeing every song through mean that even when "Last Supper" is complex it´s never flashy.
The Guardian (UK)
Much of the album has an ambient spaciousness, but it's far from minimalist. That Sketches of Spain feel emerges in the early passages, with Henriksen's yielding trumpet sound whispering over a repeating loop of descending, choir-like sighs. When Ballamy joins him on soprano sax, echoes of the late 1960s Davis/Shorter sound are given a distantly anarchic spin by Stronen's hustling free-percussion. On tenor saxophone, Ballamy explores a more ambient feel over dark keyboard chords and sporadic cymbal-showers, and a folksy swelling-and-fading theme gives way to a warped Miles disco-funk. Violin-like sounds wind through tapestries of electronica, didgeridoo-sonorities reverberate beneath, and a noise like a distant but elephantine funk band evolves into what a gamelan orchestra might sound like with free-jazz improvisers in it. Another musically imaginative menu. 4/5

wydano: 2004-10-18
nagrano: 2004
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Rune Grammofon (NO)
Last Supper
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