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kontynent: Europa
kraj: Norwegia
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Editor's Info:
The second solo album from label founder Rune Kristoffersen is centered around a series of impulsive improvisations using a very basic electronic setup often resulting in strange, freefloating and rhytmic abstractions that occasionally take off in unexpected directions.
The result is nothing less of impressive. The control over the sonic patterns gives the compositions an incredibly organic feel, as they seem to seamlessly evolve from one structure to another. Intricate melodic shapes and mechanical rhythmic configurations form and disappear at random, never interacting with each other more than necessary. The cohesion of the work presented here, and it´s fragility, gives it a very human touch. The Milk Factory (UK)
It sounds like free improv played on analogue synthesizers then post produced and sculpted, or maybe early sentience in the circuits. Two reference points? Autechre´s Confield and Tetsu Inoue´s Psycho-Acoustic, but more personal, animate and graphic than either. BBC Online (UK)
There´s plenty of melodic playfullness in these synth-improvisations. It´s minimalistic, dynamic and unpretentious but definitely more complex then the first meeting suggests. Image creating music, just have a look. 5/6. Dagbladet, NO
Behind a unusally brave title hides small treasures of lasting value. As with most releases from Rune Grammofon, "Free Music" rooms music with direction towards renewal, new thoughts and openness. With a mix of cool elegance, free floating, balanced presence and rhythmic playfullness Rune Kristoffersen cathes your interest in his calm way. 5/6. Aftenposten, NO
A minimalistic stroke of genius that in it´s subtle power is an important contribution to Rune Grammofon´s growing catalague of music from the tonal outskirts.
Dagsavisen, NO
The music has elements of electronica, ambient, jazz, pop and contemporary music. Never indifferent, never without commitment. Warmly recommended. 5/6 Spot, NO

Rune Kristoffersen: electronics
1. Stranded In Narrow Air 6:09
2. Duo Abstractions 2 3:43
3. Four Invisibles 3:39
4. Haloes And Starburst 4:56
5. Red Mystic 5:34
6. Duo Abstractions 1 3:27
7. Yellow Square Black Circle 3:02
8. Duo Abstractions 3 4:19
9. Duo Abstractions 5 2:43
10. Still Light 6:53

wydano: 14.01.2002
nagrano: 2002
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Rune Grammofon (NO)
Free Music
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