Genetic Engineering

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kontynent: Europa
kraj: Norwegia
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

LAIF, ocena * * * * 1/2
'Pod ksywką Phonophani ukrywa się Espen Sommer Eide, połowa znakomitego duetu Alog. Swój debiutancki album wydał w 1998r w wytwórni Biophon, należącej do Geira Jenssena (Biosphere). 'Genetic Engineering" to jego druga płyta, wydana tym razem dla znakomitej Rune Grammofon. Trudno jest mówić o muzyce Phonophani, jest w niej umiejętność manipulowania dźwiękowym materiałem. Wokale przepuszczone przez vocoder, zderzają się z minimalistyczną elektroniką. Utwory są abstrakcyjne, mimo syntetyczności i pewnej 'naiwności", mają w sobie sporo dziecięcego uroku. W muzyce Espena pobrzmiewają echa eksperymentalnej, elektroniki, ambient, jak i pewne skojarzenia z niektórymi wykonawcami z pokładu Warpa. Phonophani gra bardziej abstrakcyjnie, w zasadzie owe kolaże nasyca północną aurą, co sprawia iż jego muzyka staje się melancholijną opowieścią. W sumie to piękna i urzekająca płyta, fani zakręconych brzmień będą z pewnością zachwyceni.' Robert Moczydłowski (LAIF)

Editor's info:
The second album from Phonophani, aka Espen Sommer Eide (Alog), his first from 1998 so far being the only release on Biosphere's Biophon label. Phonophani's work is characterized by various manipulated "live instruments" seamlessly integrated with pure electronic sounds. Espen says of the title that "sampling is a form of gene manipulation where you arrange and rearrange soundparts from your own playing and the works of others to create new organisms of sound".
The opening 'Lavenderloops' is one of the most astonishing tracks you will hear this year, layered vocoders twisting into disembodied psychic reel, while 'Cook Islands' plaites vocal abstractions into vivid synapse-tapestry. It's all too easy for electronic wanderers to rely on the glitch and the drone: this brilliantly unnerving record repaints the atmosphere in a thousand shades of strange (8/10). New Musical Express, UK
Crystal clear production and visionary artistry make this a brilliant sophomore effort and one of the label's best releases yet. Motion, UK
50 minutes of sublime sonic experimentation that seldom loses your attention and gets down to inventing it´s own, runic musical language. A quiet triumph. Muzik, UK
A strange and beautiful beast. Wire, UK
A second album from Norwegian Espen Sommer Eide, his first on this consistently interesting label. It's digital stuff, Eide's own software gradually mutating loops in a gentle and very modern ambient style. His sounds change with a very naturalsounding unpredictability, it«s beautiful. Flux, UK
Drones and glitches have become the lingua franca of experimental electronica and it is rare that an artist forces them to articulate anything different. Genetic Engineering begins with the striking Lavenderloops, twisting vocodered phrases into a beautiful melody. The occasional vocals, as on End of all Things, enhance the disembodiment, a sense of mental static lovingly pressed on to a small silver disc. The Times, UK
Both (Phonophani and Supersilent) possess the ability to let you wander off yet find yourself returning to their absorbing textures, becoming an integral part of your environment, as per Eno's definition of ambient. Beware, instant hit music is a barely visible dot on the horizon from this, but if you've got some time and concentration to spare, these are worth spending it on. 8/10. Wax, UK
An often unsettling slice of electronica combining melody and subliminal disturbances. Mojo, UK
Phonophani distils his obfuscated samples into post-Oval music that is strange, beautiful and moving. PhonopaniOs boreal scrapes, throbs and ticks are as emotive as any other record issued this year. Ammocity, UK
An admirable grasp of musical means with a fascinating result. Another recommended release from Rune Grammofon. Extract, NO
Sommer Eide is simply a master of the computer and the sampler. Eight tracks so organic that they positively breath by themselves. An etheric joy to listen to. Osloposten, NO
There's a pureness of tone to Eide's programming, the sounds glassy and icy, a windyness and distance like Sigur Ros, the depth of Vladislav Delay. Other Music, US

1. Lavenderloops 6:26
2. End Of All Things 5:38
3. Saltwater 8:53
4. Cook Islands 2:55
5. Turqoise Egg 7:40
6. Gene Manipulation 6:32
7. Fertilizer 6:32
8. End Of All Things II 7:31

wydano: 29.03.2001
nagrano: 2001
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Rune Grammofon (NO)
Genetic Engineering
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