What's Left

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Drum & Bass and Hip-Hop. People want to keep them separate. Put each in its own folder and file them away. Thus, a line has been drawn. Let's completely erase this line and move forward without any memory of one existing. Now we can progress as the true musical architects had originally intended. So What's Left? First, music can consist of any sound, any feeling, any texture. From symphonic orchestral suites in E flat, wailing fuzz guitars of the 60's, to present day love of the digital malfunction speaking. How about a digital orchestra played through a fuzz pedal malfunctioning? Now that's more like it! Second, lyrics have always been used as a medium to initiate social change as well as a commentary tool used to address all aspect of life. This must continue! Rhyming, by the MC, brought this to the forefront as the most direct and easily understandable way to get a message across. Relevance is the key to maintaining this striking power. Third, We live in a society with two focuses. Everything can be linked to these: injustice - either internal or external and technology - obsolete or cutting edge. Because of this constant seeking, life is non-stop without pause or fade. We need an anthem.


Quatermass (BE)
King Rhythm
What's Left
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