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What happens when you take the alternately tense and wide open spaces of post-noise rock and underpin them with the muscular metronome of a rugged hip hop beat? Art, baby, that's what happens.
On 'ri.t' Shudo uses a minimal approach to give the greatest impact to the melody. Whereas most producers would take a gorgeous melody and build enormous swells around it until it was grossly overstated, Shudo gives us pristine glimpses of a remarkably honest sound. It's as if he's decided to go much further to sea, out into the deepest waters - in a rowboat. Or better yet, a kayak, because his sound is about balance.
True to the spirit of the eponymous first album 'Shudo,' and it's very personal musical perception, there is evidence of maximalising the minimal.
'ri.t' goes further into this subtle and crafty method of utilizing deconstruction to build a new musical expression. Shudo is back with a deeper approach of how to build melodies on the lightest translucent structures possible: sounds that echo off and click into, reminiscent of serene ghosts demonstrating what urban pop should be about.
Taking underground hip-hop's rhythmical strength, post-noise-rock's freedom and so much more! All processed through a laptop and with a more contemporary language, aiming to experiment and combine electronics with a pop/rock/guitar background. This is about music, melodies and occasional tension...
The expression of an inner vision and sound, the osmosis between the breathing of a city and its inhabitants.Close your eyes and think about nature's continual cycle of destruction and rebuilding, like perpetually sweeping waves that endlessly change a landscape.
Shudo's music is about the very different aspects of evolving organic life. On the other hand there is a more personal statement without words, an expression of a musician concerned about what this world is coming to.
The underlying political content of 'R.I.T.' is expressed through electronics, not only because it is the most contemporary and somewhat universa language, but because digital tools offer a level of autonomy allowing one to create a personal space, not only in music, but also in image and communication, separate and removed from the claws of corporatism.
Blurred textures, floating chords, harsh spheres, deep beats, data corruption, music as visual narration... many things to say, so just sit and listen.


Quatermass (BE)
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