Fenomenon: Pacific Memories - the early tapes

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Indie Pop / Avant Pop
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opakowanie: Jewelcaseowe etui

Fenomenon is Kjetil Ingebretsen and Hĺvard Rosenberg from Stavanger on the west coast of Norway. In 2000, they signed with London label Nuphonic, and released two critically acclaimed EP's before Nuphonic was suddenly liquidated. Tracks from the two Nuphonic EP's appeared on numerous compilations and playlists, making Fenomenon a household name in the international nujazz/downbeat scene.

They had already made an album for Nuphonic, but when they got a deal with Beatservice in 2004, they decided to make an all new album.

After the "Hourglass" album, which was a kind of nujazz meets 80's aesthetics, they released the funk/soul album "In Stereo" in 2005. Both albums were well received around the globe.

But the Nuphonic tracks were still sought after by fans and on compilations, and the track "Solara" also ended up on last year's sci-fi/action movie "The Island" from Dreamworks, starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlet Johansson!!

And now, the "Pacific Memories" album is finally out! It includes all but one of the tracks from the 12"-ers, including the nujazz/downbeat classics "Pacific Memories", "Out Of Control" and "Solara", hints of broken beats, a dash of Latin rhythms, and their trademark wicked production. Not to mention the jazzy vocals of Kjetil and guest vocalist Hilde Drange from Slowpho.

01 Pacific Memories
02 Out Of Control
03 Solara
04 Romeo Avenue
05 Color Conscience
06 By Pearls & Gold
07 Picturebook
08 Even Stranger
09 Awake
10 Clayton Ravine
11 Lost
12 Back At Dawn

wydano: 2007-01-22
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BeatService Records (NO)
Pacific Memories
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