Arctic Circles 2

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kontynent: Europa
kraj: Norwegia

Editor's Info:
As a part of the Beatservice Records 5 year annivercary, we are releasing the "Arctic Circles 2" compilation. Like the first "Arctic Circles" CD from 1997 (BS015), the new one also deals with downtempo electronica aimed more at the sofa than at the dancefloor. But the focus is not that strong on the arctic and cold soundscapes. "Arctic Circles 2" mirrors the development on the norwegian electronic scene the last years, and has got a warmer and more groovy sound. But still with a mainly laidback focus.

" Arctic Circles 2" works primarily as a label-compilation, with tasters from all the Beatservice-artists: Aedena Cycle, Information, Mind over MIDI, Motion Control, Sternklang and Teebee & K, pluss the debut from the newest Beatservice signing, Upper Rooms. In addition we find old aquaitances like Mental Overdrive, Neural Network, Sketch and Ultraviolet, and the new wünder-band Röyksopp, plus Tuka (aka Torbjørn Brundtland from Röyksopp and Drum Island) and Debris (aka Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik from Circular and Neural Network).

1. Röyksopp: Your Hands
2. Sternklang: Afterglow
3. Motion Control: Strawberries
4. Neural Network: Mother Night
5. Aedena Cycle: Cargo Cult
6. Mental Overdrive: Angel
7. Teebee & K: Jazztronauts
8. Mind over MIDI: Stay With Me
9. Sketch: Spirit
10. Information: Fish and Concrete
11. Upper Rooms: Stay Dark Dream
12. Tuka: Ghost
13. Debris: Loopback
14. Ultraviolet: Exit

wydano: 1999
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Arctic Circles 2
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