Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonatas for flute & harpsichord [2CD]

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Emmanuel Pahud follows his release of newly composed concertos by Marc André Dalbavie, Michael Jarrell and Matthias Pintscher with a programme comprising the complete flute sonatas of Johann Sebastian Bach. Pahud performs the sonatas BWV 1020, 1030-1035 and the Trio Sonata BWV 1039. With this album, he has recorded the complete works for Flute by Bach for EMI Classics after his Bach CD of Orchestral and Solo works in 2001. His partner, at the harpsichord, is the renowned period instrument soloist and conductor Trevor Pinnock. Bach is believed to have composed his flute sonatas BWV 1030-1035 between the 1720s and 1741, following the innovation of the transverse flute, the instrument that superseded the recorder. After Johann Joachim Quantz demonstrated the new instrument throughout Europe in the early 1720s, Bach celebrated its technical and expressive qualities and newly available tonal colours in this series of sonatas, which are among his best known chamber works. He also featured the flute in the Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 and in the Benedictus of the Mass in B Minor. The first three of the six sonatas, BWV 1030-1032, are three-movement obligato sonatas in which Bach wrote out the right hand notes to the accompaniment, BWV 1033-1035, by contrast, are continuo sonatas in four movements in which the composer provided only the bass line of the accompaniment. Jonathan Manson is the cellist in the continuo sonatas. There is some debate over the provenance of the Sonata BWV 1020 in G Minor, which some believe was composed by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, rather than by his father. C.P.E. Bach, however, gave the credit to his father. The sonata is played today by both flutists and violinists. Silvia Careddu is the second flautist in the Trio Sonata BWV 1039 in G Major, composed in 1720. The earliest work in Pahud's programme is the Partita for Solo Flute BWV 1013, composed in 1718.

1-4) Sonata BWV 1034 Continuo e minor (with cello)
5-8) Sonata BWV 1035 Continuo E major (with cello)
9-11) Sonata BWV 1030 Obbligato b minor
12-14) Sonata BWV 1032 Obbligato A major

1-4) Sonata BWV 1033 Continuo C major (with cello)
5-7) Sonata BWV 1031 Obbligato E flat major
8-10) Sonata BWV 1020 Obbligato g minor
11-14) Trio Sonata BWV 1039 2 flutes Continuo G major (with cello)

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EMI Classics (UK)
Johann Sebastian Bach [1685-1750]
Emmanuel Pahud / Trevor Pinnock
Johann Sebastian Bach
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