Astor Piazzolla: Complete Tango! [3CD]

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Tango / Tango Nuevo
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Editor's info:
Isabelle van Keulen Ensemble
“….They play the tango from heart to heart and directly into the hearts of those who have the privilege of experiencing Isabelle van Keulen and her tango ensemble!….” (Rosemarie Schmitt)
As a young girl, Isabelle van Keulen was already fascinated by Astor Piazzolla’s Tango Nuevo. It was only natural then that the internationally renowned violinist and violist consequently followed her desire by founding her own ensemble, surrounding herself with enthusiastic tango lovers and congenial music personalities:

Christian Gerber bandoneon
One of the leading soloists of his genre and significantly responsible for numerous arrangements for the Isabelle van Keulen Ensemble. Christian Gerber won numerous prizes, one of which was the Deutscher Schallplattenpreis (German Records Award).

Ulrike Payer piano
Is one of the most versatile pianists of our time and as a musician, is known for her sensitive playing. Already in 1988, joint concerts with Alfredo Marcucci led her to work intensively in the genre of Argentine tango.

Rüdiger Ludwig double bass
This charismatic musician is associate principal bassist of the NDR Radio Philharmonic in Hannover and husband to Isabelle van Keulen.

A series of high-quality concerts in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, at the Rheingau Musik Festival, the Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival, the Delft Festival, among others, launched the success story of the Isabelle van Keulen Ensemble, which has since become well established on international concert stages and festivals. The subsequent recording of three successful CDs testifies to the success story, the vast repertoire, and the versatility of the ensemble. From the very beginning, the Isabelle van Keulen Ensemble has been dazzling its audiences through its depth of musical expression, its technical brilliance, and the simultaneous mixture of melancholy and severity which is so typical of the Tango Nuevo, pairing great joy in playing with intimacy

Isabelle van Keulen Ensemble:
Isabelle van Keulen (violin)
Christian Gerber (bandoneon)
Ulrike Payer (piano)
Rüdiger Ludwig (double-bass)

1. Escualo 03:58
2. Verano Porteno 06:22
3. Invierno Porteno 06:48
4. Tristezas de un Doble A 08:58
5. Michelangelo '70 03:05
6. Contrabajísimo 11:51
7. Oblivion 04:01
8. Libertango 03:58
9. Tangata 08:23
10. Tanti anni prima 05:12
11. Concierto para Quinteto 09:33

1. Bando 03:27
2. Otono porteno 05:59
3. Le grand tango (arr. Christian Gerber) 12:14
4. Soledad 07:55
5. Tres minutos con la realidad 03:01
6. Kicho 06:55
7. Primavera portena 05:25
8. Adiós nonino 08:41
9. Tango para una ciudad 05:58

1. Allegro tangabile 03:04
2. La Camorra I 09:10
3. Romance del diablo 05:58
4. Vayamos al diablo 02:52
5. Tango del diablo 04:16
6. Poema valseado 03:18
7. Fuga y misterio 04:49
8. Introducción al ángel 04:42
9. Milonga del ángel 06:11
10. Muerte del ángel 02:57
11. Resurrección del ángel 06:52

wydano: 26 February 2021
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Astor Piazzolla
Isabelle van Keulen Ensemble
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