The Royal Chapel of Madrid

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Barokowa Muzyka Klasyczna
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In the history of Spanish monarchy, the Royal Chapel is a fundamental entity for the establishment and dissemination of political and religious doctrine. It constitutes the heart of religious life centered around the kings. In the Royal Chapel, liturgical music plays an essential role as a means of legitimation of the catholic monarchy´s divine origin. In the 18th century, the life of the Spanish court was affected by the fire that razed the Real Alcazar on Christmas Eve of 1734, which also meant the destruction of the musical archive. The then maestro de música Francesco Corselli (1705-1778) had to face the challenge of reconstituting the archive and to provide the music needed for the celebration of liturgical functions, along with other musicians belonging to the institution. With this recording, music that was formerly exclusively intended for royalty is uncovered for the first time.

wydano: 2021
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