The Walsingham Consort Books

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After having explored Morley's First Book of Consort Lessons, the sole publication of pieces of that time for the 'brocken consort', La Caccia now turns to one of the principal manuscript sources of music for the ensemble that was so much appreciated in England at the beginning of the 17th century. Pieces and arrangements by Richard Allison and Daniel Bachiler form the greater proportion of the music found in the manuscript, whilst the musicians of La Caccia have also added a few vocal pieces to the programme, these being accompanied by the instruments of this characteristically British ensemble. Once again we may appreciate the freshness of the dances and the nostalgia that the English composers of the time so enthusiastically cultivated.

La Caccia
Patrick Denecker: flutes, conductor
Susan Hamilton: soprano

1. Daniel's Almain Daniel BACHILER
2. Daniel's Trial Daniel BACHILER
3. Lavecchia ANONYME
4. The Dark is my Delight ANONYME
5. The Lady Walsingham's Conceits Daniel BACHILER
6. Tarleton's Jig ANONYME
7. Of all the Birds that I do know John BARTLET
8. Sir Francis Walsingham's Goodmorrow Daniel BACHILER
9. Eliza is the fairest Queen & Come again Edward JOHNSON
10. Pavan Dolorosa Richard ALLISON
11. James Harding's Galliard James HARDING (?)
12. Reade's Almain Antony HOLBORNE / Richard READE
13. Primero ANONYME
14. Ne reminiscaris John WILBYE
15. The Jew's Dance Richard NICHOLSON
16. The Batchelars Delight (Richard ALLISON)
17. The Flat Pavan ANONYME
18. Fortune my Foe ANONYME / John DOWLAND
19. The Lady Frances Sidneys'S Almain Richard ALLISON
20. The Lady Frances Sidney's Goodnight Richard ALLISON
21. When May is in his prime ANONYME
22. Nutmegs and Ginger ANONYME

wydano: 2008
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La Caccia / Patrick Denecker / Susan Hamilton
The Walsingham Consort Books
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