Jacquet De La Guerre: Sonates Pour Violon

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Dinner being over, His Majesty spoke to Mlle de la Guerre in a most gracious manner; after having praised her sonatas extensively, he said to her that they could not be compared to any other such works. Mlle de la Guerre could not have received higher praise, for these words revealed that the King had not only found her music to be most fine, but also to be original a quality that today is extremely rare (Le Mercure galant, 1707). This new release presents the violin sonatas by Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre.

1. I. [Lent] - Les Dominos; Florence Malgoire
2. II. Presto
3. III. Adagio
4. IV. Presto
5. V. Presto
6. VI. Aria
7. VII. Presto
8. I. Presto - Les Dominos; Florence Malgoire
9. II. Adagio
10. III. Presto
11. IV. Presto
12. I. I. (Lent) - Les Dominos; Florence Malgoire
13. II. II. Preste
14. III. III. Presto
15. IV. IV. Aria
16. V. V. Adagio
17. I. Lent - Les Dominos; Florence Malgoire
18. II. Presto
19. III. Presto
20. IV. Adagio
21. V. Aria
22. I. Lent - Les Dominos; Florence Malgoire
23. II. Presto
24. III. Adagio
25. IV. Courante
26. V. Aria
27. I. Allemande - Les Dominos; Florence Malgoire
28. II. Presto
29. III. Adagio
30. IV. Lent
31. V. Aria
32. VI. Adagio
33. VII. Presto
34. VIII. Aria

wydano: 2020-04-03
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Ricercar (B)
Elisabeth Jacquet De La Guerre [1665-1729]
Les Dominos / Florence Malgoire
Jacquet de la Guerre
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