Michael Nyman: The Piano Sings

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Editor's Info:
Music composed and performed by Michael Nyman
The Piano Sings is the title of the long-awaited album of solo piano recordings by Michael Nyman and the first release of the record label MN Records.

The Piano Sings features music originally recorded for film soundtracks from 1993 to 2003 including Gattaca, Wonderland, The Diary of Anne Frank, End of the Affair, The Claim, Man with a Movie Camera and The Piano. With their more familiar band and orchestral settings removed, the pieces return to a point echoing their origins. Nyman commented 'all of my music starts out as piano music - much of it in song form, so the opportunity to get back to that essence appealed to me, hence the decision to make the album'. The album deliberately focuses on the lyrical side of Nyman's piano laying, hence the title.

The Piano Sings presents Michael Nyman's most intimate recording to date, neatly encapsulating the qualities that have made his compositions loved by millions of listeners around the world. While the composer's piano playing is a central element of his touring band and a familiar sound to the many people who've bought & loved his albums, this is the first time he has devoted a complete recording to solo piano.

While the term 'classical crossover' has become akin to a swear word in some quarters, Nyman's music has displayed an ability to reach a mass audience and cross over in the best sense - with no compromise expected on behalf of composer or listener.

The Piano Sings is the ideal album for both his large fanbase and the more occasional classical music buyer.


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