Marc-Antoine Charpentier: Le Malade imaginaire [2CD]

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Muzyka Barokowa
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Sztuka Moliera w opracowaniu muzycznym Charpentiera.
Argan jest hipochondrykiem. Jego życie podporządkowane jest lekarzom i drugiej żonie, Beline, której zapisuje niemal cały swój majątek, krzywdząc swoją córkę z pierwszego małżeństwa Angelique. Argan postanawia też wydać Angelique za Thomasa Diaforiousa, syna paryskiego lekarza. Dziewczyna z pomocą swojego ukochanego, Kleanta i służącej Toinette próbuje przechytrzyć ojca. Zostaje jednak postawiona przed ultimatum - albo wyjdzie za pana Diaforiousa, albo pójdzie do klasztoru. Wtedy z pomocą przychodzi brat Argana, Beralde, któy swoim sprytem doprowadza do szczęśliwego końca.

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“A delightful work. Christie knows exactly how to make the music leap off the page and Charpentier's airs and dances are full of elegance and charm.”

Due to legal complications engineered by Jean-Baptiste Lully and effected by Louis XIV, Marc-Antoine Charpentier's brilliant incidental music for Moliere's final comedy, Le Malade imaginaire (1672-1674), was subjected to two drastic revisions. Despite the composer's usual precautions and careful maintenance of his manuscripts, the work's ordering became confused and scores of two important sections -- the "Premier intermede" and the "Petit opéra impromptu" -- lost. Thanks to the work of musicologists John S. Powell and H. Wiley Hitchcock, the full work has been reconstructed from surviving parts and restored for performance. The 1990 recording by William Christie and Les Arts Florissants is the most complete and authoritative version available, but if that makes it seem stuffy and dry, then hearing the performance will come as a glorious surprise. Charpentier's score is simply splendid in its color, humor, variety, and panache, and even the most casual listener will be drawn to the music, even without knowing the play. The story of Le Malade imaginaire would be more intelligible if the libretto -- presented here in the original French, Italian, and macaronic Latin -- had been translated for the liner notes, but a synopsis in English outlines Moliere's farce. This Harmonia Mundi release restores a valuable Baroque gem to the catalog and deserves high marks for its delicious music, lively acting, and excellent sound quality
Review by Blair Sanderson

Les Arts Florissants
William Christie: direction

total time - 89'88
wydano: 2012 (Recorded: 1990)
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Harmonia Mundi
Marc-Antoine Charpentier [1643-1704]
Les Arts Florissants / William Christie
Marc-Antoine Charpentier
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