The Holy Cross - Psalms for Fast and Passion

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kontynent: Europa
kraj: Norwegia
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Editor's info:
It seems we will soon know more about the Muslims' Ramadan than our own Fast, and more about the American Halloween celebrations than our own All Saints' tradition!
We have a great tradition in Norway for Christmas records. But with this recording Kirkelig Kulturverksted wants to place focus on other aspects of the church year. It is important to keep up an awareness around the different psalms' connection to specific times of the church year. This cooperation with Oslo Church Choir should be seen in a long term perspective: this is the first of a total of 10 CD's.
Oslo Church Choir has worked for a long time on bringing out and looking after the rich Norwegian psalm traditions. Traditions that are in danger of being forgotten - there is actually material here that has never been recorded before.
Oslo Church Choir, headed by Terje Kvam, is Norway's best liturgic choir. Kĺre Nordstoga plays the organ on this recording. Through his work as organist in Oslo Cathedral and as professor at the Norwegian Music Academy, he has been one of our strongest contributors to church music, and one of Scandinavia's uppermost organists. Trond Kverno is responsible for many of the beautiful arrangements on this CD and also contributes on the organ.
Take note of this recording!

Oslo Domkor
Terje Kvam: conductor

01. Det Hellige Kors Var Herre Han Bar 2:40
02. Se, Vi Gar Til Jerusalem 2:22
03. Ingen Vinner Frem Til Den Evige Ro 7:02
04. Sta Fast, Min Sjel, Sta Fast 2:53
05. Ein Feste Burg Ist Unser Gott 3:56
06. Var Gud Han Er Sa Fast En Borg 5:18
07. Klippe, Du Som Brast For Meg 4:08
08. Du Er Guds Sonn, Den Sterke 3:53
09. O Herre, La Mitt Oye 3:45
10. Herzlich Tut Mich Verlangen 2:55
11. O Hoved, Hoyt Forhanet 4:27
12. O Guds Lam Uskyldig 4:13
13. Velsignet Var, O Jesus Krist 3:01
14. Skriv Dig, Jesu, Paa Mitt Hjerte 4:22

wydano: 2000
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Kirkelig Kulturverksted (NO)
Oslo Domkor / Terje Kvam
The Holy Cross - Psalms for Fast and Passion
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