Capella de Ministrers / Carles Magraner: Lucretia Borgia

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Neither Lucrezia Borgia nor any of the female members of the nobility in that time ever had a musical chapel, unlike their respective husbands. However, part of his domestic budget was destined to string instrument players maintenance, singers and, to a very important person: a dance teacher. • If being aware of the latest fashion dances was a socially essential issue, so it was musical evenings organisation, with the common instrumental group composed by lutes or violas, an instrument that seems to had its origins in Valencia in the middle of XV century, and from there traveled to Italy. • About Lucrezia musical taste nothing is known, but not so her husband Alfonso d’Este, who (perhaps) in homage to his new wife was at the head of six violas consort in the celebrations of their own wedding, reflected in this Capella de Ministrers recording.

Capella de Ministrers
Carles Magraner: direction

The birth of the myth in Rome(1480)

1. Basse Danse La Spagna. Constanzo Festa
2. De tous bien playne. Hayne van Ghiseghem
3. La Spagna. Heinrich Isaac
4. Cantava per sfogar. Romanesca. B. Tromboncino

The Valencian Nobility (1492)

5. Dindirindin. Balada de Montecassino. Anonymous
6. La Dama d’Aragó. Tradicional
7. Folies de les Caterines. Joan Escrivà. Anonymous

The Sforza and Milan (1492)

8. Amor che sospirar mi fa. Alexander Agricola
9. Pavana y Gallarda. Luis Milán

Giovanni da Pesaro and Alfonso of Aragon (1498)

10. Ingiustissimo Amor. Ariosto. Constanzo Festa
11. Un cavalier di Spagna. Magistro Rofino
12. Scharamella va a la guerra. Josquin Desprez

Duchess of Ferrara and Alfonso d'Este (1502)

13. O triumphale diamante. Giorgio Luppato (Song written for Alfonso and Lucrezia marriage)
14. Pavana alla ferrarese. Joan Ambrosio Dalza
15. Queste non son piu lachryme. Ariosto. Tromboncino (Song dedicated to Ippolito d'Este, Lucrezia brother in law)
16. Signora, un che v’adora. Marchetto Cara. Anonymous
17. Alla Spagnola. Joan Ambrosio Dalza

Pietro Bembo

18. Quand’io penso al martire. Bembo. Jacques Arcadelt
19. Muchos van d’amor heridos. Anonymous
20. Saltarello y Piva. Joan Ambrosio Dalza. (Isabella d'Este wrote her husband describing welcoming party for Lucrezia in Ferrara in 1502)

Ercole death and spiritual retreat (1505-1519)

21. Senza te alta regina. Niccolò

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Capella de Ministrers
Capella de Ministrers / Carles Magraner
Lucretia Borgia
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