Igor Stravinsky: Rite of Spring, Firebird Suite, Scherzo, Tango

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BBC Music, April 2012
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"Fischer and his Budapest forces possess the right ingredients: the orchestra is well drilled in an interpretation that's as straight as a Roman road; its strings are searing, and brass and wooodwind play in the clipped manner favoured by Stravinsky. In short, it's what the composer said he wanted from a performance of this music. The problem is that Stravinsky did not practise what he preached."

Gramophone, May 2012
"Fischer's The Rite of Spring is sensual and revealing...There's a elasticity to Fischer's conducting that keeps Stravinsky's score pliable...In a word, this is a 'musical' performance, one where every note seems an inevitable outgrowth of its predecessor. It's not the most viscerally exciting version on disc...[but it] avoids what Stravinsky himself labelled self-glorification."

The Sunday Times, 19th February 2012
"The Rite of Spring remains a seismic event in the history of music, still astounding in a performance as gripping and as powerful as this live account by Fischer's BFO. These Hungarians manage the remarkable feat of making this familiar music sound ever fresh and new - I love Fischer's chamber-music textures in Dances of the Adolescent Girls, and his Dance of the Earth sounds positively volcanic."

The Observer, 22nd January 2012
"A fascinating chance to compare a composer's own interpretation with a brilliant newcomer. Ivan Fischer's new Rite of Spring is lean and hungry, razor-sharp and matches his description of it: "fresh, pagan, scary, new and beautiful"...Quite deliberate in places (Spring Rounds is surely too slow) it is full of piercing, unfamiliar detail and accumulates tremendous weight."

The Times, 24th February 2012
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"This is one of the earthiest, most pagan accounts of the ballet around. It's also one of the most carefully considered whenever Stravinsky writes in a slow tempo...Whenever the music jerks into high gear - the notes cascading, polyrhythms jabbing - the contrast is doubly thrilling."

Budapest Festival Orchestra
Ivan Fischer: conductor

Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring
1st Part: Introduction
1st Part: The Augurs Of Spring: Dances Of The Young Girls
1st Part: Ritual Of Abduction
1st Part: Spring Rounds
1st Part: Ritual Of The Rival Tribes
1st Part: Procession Of The Sage
1st Part: The Sage
1st Part: Dance Of Earth
2nd Part: Introduction
2nd Part: Mystic Circles Of The Young Girls
2nd Part: Glorification Of The Chosen One
2nd Part: Evocation Of The Ancestors
2nd Part: Ritual Action Of The Ancestors
2nd Part: Sacrificial Dance (The Chosen One)

Stravinsky: The Firebird Suite (1919)
The Firebird's Dance
The Firebird's Variations
The Princesses' Round Dance
The Infernal Dance

Stravinsky: Scherzo a la Russe
Scherzo A La Russe - Symphonic Version (1944)

Stravinsky: Tango No. 72
Tnago No.72 - Orchestra Version (1940)

wydano: 27th Feb 2012
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Channel Classics (DE)
Igor Stravinski [1882-1971]
Budapest Festival Orchestra / Ivan Fischer
Igor Stravinsky
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