Zoltán Kodály: Háry János-Suite, Summer Evening, Variations on a Hungarian Folk Song (The Peacock)

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Liner notes:
The average concert-goer thinks of Zoltán Kodály as a composer of choral works and the creator of a concept of music pedagogy known world-wide by his name. Yet his oeuvre is also rich in chamber works, songs and orchestral pieces; indeed, he wrote pieces for the latter apparatus throughout his career as a composer. Of his rarely played orchestral pieces, perhaps the best known is the Háry János-Suite from 1926-27, which was conceivably put together on Béla Bartók's recommendation. Its popularity is no doubt due to the fact that the Singspiel (1925-27) from which it was taken hit the light tone appropriate to its comical subject. Kodály's first mature adult composition, the Nyári Este (Summer Evening) composed in August and September 1906, was also for orchestra. The history of the piece, however, was unique in the composer's career. It was written for his degree, and was first performed on 22 October 1906 in Budapest, after Kodály hid it away like so many other of the pieces he had written while studying at the music academy. However, in 1928, Arturo Toscanini asked the composer to write an orchestral piece. Kodály did not undertake to write a new work, but reworked his youthful creation. The third composition on this disc, the Variations on a Hungarian Folk Song 'The Peacock', shows the essence of Kodály's concept of the new Hungarian music in all its glory. The theme, the famous peacock melody, is pentatonic, and is an example of the oldest type of Hungarian folk music. Another source for the orchestral work may have been the poem The Peacock Took Flight by Endre Ady, who served as an ideal for the creation of modern Hungarian art to the young Kodály.
by Anna Dalos (Translated by Richard Robinson)

Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ádám Fischer

Háry János-Suite
Summer Evening
Variations on a Hungarian Folk Song (The Peacock)

total time - 68:48
wydano: 2008-03
nagrano: Recorded at Studio 22 of the Hungarian Radio, May, 2007
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BMC Records (HU)
Zoltán Kodály [1882-1967]
Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra / Ádám Fischer
Zoltán Kodály
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