L'oreille enflee

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
premiera polska:
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: Canada
opakowanie: Jewelcaseowe etui

Editor's info:
L'Oreille Enflée is a musical tale whose libretto and music were written by Danielle Palardy Roger. A musician better known as percussionist of Justine, La légende de la pluie and Wondeur Brass, she here introduces her first major solo composition. L'Oreille Enflée is a work of music and poetry for the (opened) ears and minds of children big or small. A musical tale on the art of listening, and the art of getting along. Poetic, tender and funny, a music that speaks wonders. A truky actual tale in thirteen different tableaux in which we are introduce to Professeur Catastrophe, the commodore of Arčs, the witch Éole, Her Majesty, the Spectacled Owl, and Tutu. As you can expect, the tone, presence, sensitivity, pleasure and humour are typical of Ambiances Magnétiques' musicians. A musical tale for all.> ... the music is an intricate through-composed tour de force... Very enjoyable. - Cadence

Jean Derome: flűtes, bouteilles, saxophones, voix / André Duchesne: guitare électrique, voix, Joane Hétu: saxophone, voix, Marie Ouellet: voix, narration, Danielle P. Roger: percussion, clavier, voix, direction musicale, Mercedes Roy: voix, Diane Labrosse: voix (invitée/guest), Claude Beaugrand: prises de sons extérieures (invité/guest)
1. Dans Ce Conte
2. Un Peuple De Fourmis
3. Neptune
4. La Rencontre D'Éole
5. Avertissements
6. La Muette
7. L' Harmonispiralifčre
8. Arčs
9. Le Limaçon Malade
10. Sa Majesté
11. Les Arčssiens N'aiment Pas Ça/chapeau Pointu
12. Les Preuves De Tutu
13. L' Oreille Et Sa Grenouille

total time - 44:50
wydano: 1994
nagrano: Recorded and mixed November 1991 to May 1992 at Studio 270, Montreal.

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Ambiance Magnetique (CA)
Jean Derome
Jean Derome / Danielle Palardy Roger / Joane Hetu / Andre Duchesne / Mercedes Roy / Marie Ouellet / Diane Labrosse / Claude Beaugrand
L'oreille enflee
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