Gregorio Gillermo: Otra Musica - Tape Music, Fluxus & Free Improvisation in Buenos Aires 1963-70 - Unheard Music Series

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
premiera polska:
seria wydawnicza: Unheard Music Series
kontynent: Ameryka Południowa
kraj: Argentina
opakowanie: plastikowe etui
Ten argentyński klarnecista i saksofonista to najbarwniejsza postać sceny improwizowanej w Buenos Aires, 'Otra Musica' to 16 dotąd niepublikowanych utworów o absolutnie nowatorskim wymiarze, w sensie stylistycznym bliskim muzyce Sun Ra czy wczesnym Art Ensemble Of Chicago
Editor's info:
The full title of this landmark collection, "Otra Musica: Tape Music, Fluxus & Free Improvisation in Buenos Aires 1963-70" says a tremendous amount this overwhelming package. Though he has only recently come to international attention through his recordings for hatART as a leader, Argentinean clarinetist and alto saxophonist Guillermo Gregorio had a fascinating earlier artistic incarnation in Buenos Aires. Heretofore totally unknown, these recordings bring to light an incredibly sophisticated sound-world of proto-electronica, fluxus-oriented performance art and very early free improvised music, all from a virtually secret enclave of South American experimentalism. Sixteen tracks, none ever released before, with various groups including Movimiento Música Más, totally free duets with trumpeter Carlos Miralles from '64, and an astounding solo alto piece from the same year. Presented in a DELUXE 14-panel accordian bookle!t

1. Sobre el Piano, Adentro del Piano, Alrededor del Piano... :: On The Piano, Inside The Piano, Around The Piano...
2. Campanitas :: Little Bells
3. Elastikon
4. Clarinete :: Clarinet
5. Voces :: Voices
6. Minima Musica :: The Least Music Possible
7. Musica Para el Lobo Estepario :: Music For Steppenwolf
8. Soli a 4
9. Sueno de Lilas y Margaritas en un Prado de Verano: Nocturno Automatico Para Vibrafono... :: Dream Of Lillies And Daisies In A Summer Meadow: Automatic Nocturne For Vibraphone...
10. Collective Improvisation
11. Solo
12. Improvisacion Duo I
13. Improvisacion Duo II
14. Dueto I
15. Dueto III
16. Trio

wydano: 2000
nagrano: 1963-70
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Atavistic (USA)
Gregorio Gillermo
Otra Musica - Tape Music, Fluxus & Free Improvisation in Buenos Aires 1963-70 - Unheard Music Series
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