Mirth + Feckless

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Antena Krzyku 02/2000
Kameralne trio pod wodzą czarnoskórego gitarzysty Jeffa Parkera, który okazał się dla Tartoise agentem ewolucji - wprowadził grupę w środowisko jazzowej awangardy Chicago. Gitara, bas, perkusja. Oszczędne i proste, acz błyskotliwe technicznie granie. Motoryczne improwizacje w swobodnym związku z jazzem. Niekiedy muskane echami etno. Niekiedy zapadające w postrockową nostalgię. Solidna płyta, ale bez porywających fajerwerków geniusza. Choć przekonuje swym minimalistycznym, szlachetnym konkretem.
autor: Rafał Księżyk

Jazzreview.com * * * * *:
Tricolor are a trio out of Chicago whose members are all over the map musically: guitarist Jeff Parker, an AACM grad, plays with the bands Tortoise (indie rock) and Isotope 217 (Miles-ian jazz/dub/funk fusion), acoustic bassist Tatsu Aoki is active in the Windy City's "free" scene, and recently did a duet album with Malachi Favors, David Pavkovic (drums) plays in various indie rock bands like TOE 2000. The results are fascinating improvs, not easy to "categorize." Parker's style encompasses pre-Mahavishnu John McLaughlin, John Abercrombie and the AACM school of free improvisation. Aoki and Pavkovic play less like a "rhythm section" and more impressionistically (that AACM influence again), splashing dabs of (dark) color on Parker's canvas. If you a "free" jazz fan that sometimes wishes that Derek Bailey would play more "inside" (or if Jim Hall would play "out") or a very adventurous rock fan (i.e., Faust, Can, Dead C, etc.), Mirth + Feckless is worth your time.
by Mark Keresman

All Music Guide:
In the early '90s, the short-lived instrumental group the Coctails created an intriguing blend of easy listening pop and avant-rock. The Chicago trio, Tricolor, are undoubtedly familiar with the Coctails' work -- guitarist Jeff Parker, a member of both AACM and Tortoise, is part of the same general school of musicians that has infiltrated every level of the Chicago post-rock scene -- and although they don't sound that much like the Coctails, a similar aesthetic seems to be at play. Parker, drummer David Pavkovic, and bassist Tatsu Aoki have a similarly playful feel to their music, and a clear fondness for the likes of Creed Taylor's late-'60s work (the bossa nova-tinged "Seven," sounds like a tribute to Taylor's late-period albums with Wes Montgomery), and the occasionally twee moments of the West Coast cool school. Not at all a visionary or exploratory record -- and anyone looking for the wilder free improv side of Atavistic had best look elsewhere -- Mirth + Feckless is coolly entertaining, effortlessly melodic pop-jazz, with just enough spikiness to stay out of the easy listening bins.
by Stewart Mason



Atavistic (USA)
Tricolor feat. Jeff Parker
Mirth + Feckless
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