Gerardo Nunez: Andando el tiempo

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Ethno Jazz/World Jazz/Modern Jazz
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Editor's Info:
"Andando el tiempo" - the dynamic title is self-explanatory. As time moves on, so does one’s playing; and that has been an impulse behind the artistic development of Gerardo Núñez. He has always been one step ahead. That has brought him the status as a moderniser of flamenco. Gerardo Núñez is never a follower of trends. His work is defined by a strong personality which seeks its expression in flamenco. Gerardo Núñez goes his own way. He does that with a clear understanding and demonstrates it with his six strings.
Already with his first release in 1987 "Flamencos en Nueva York" the world of flamenco resounded with an echo like a drum roll. In both technical and musical respects Gerardo Núñez can be dubbed an "innovator", even if he feels unhappy with such a description. "Talk about fusion, and above all the often affirmed purity of flamenco, pureza, is completely meaningless." His vision of flamenco is crystal clear, and the character of his music is there for all to see. A broad perspective, new sounds, a precise and unbelievably fast technique, virtuosity and a profound understanding of the flamenco form: these describe the art of Gerardo Núñez.
He was born in 1961 in the cradle of flamenco, the Andalusian town of Jerez de la Frontera. He learnt flamenco almost from birth. Already as a young man he played for the great singers in his home town - the most important flamenco vocalists of the time. Legends such as Terremoto, Tío Borrico, La Paquera de Jerez. Still today, even though a successful solo guitarist, he still occasionally accompanies the vocal greats. For example, he recorded the successful album "Ramita de locuras" with Carmen Linares in 2002.
There has always been the pull of the new. That brought him to Madrid. The pulsating metropolis is today his home. Here he runs his own recording studio, living and working with his wife Carmen Cortés. She is a dancer and one of the most creative and influential bailaoras working in flamenco today. One of the most important stage productions of recent years is the result of the collaboration of the dream pairing of Carmen Cortés and Gerardo Núñez.
As a soloist Gerardo Núñez has released many albums. With him flamenco opens many new doors. The collaboration with jazz musicians has brought him a new, wider public. His CD "Jazzpaña II" (with Chano Dominguez, Michael Brecker, Jorge Pardo, Colin Towns and others / ACT 9284-2) won a German critics prize in 2001 and the German Jazz Award. Gerardo Núñez would never allow himself to be bent just for a specific project. The secret of his success is perhaps his authentic artistry - already after hearing just a few bars, a flamenco fan can recognise the playing of Gerardo Núñez .
His newest album "Andando el tiempo", recorded in his own studio "El Gallo Azul", is a further milestone on his musical journey. He works together with incredible musicians, such as jazzers Paolo Fresu (trumpet), Perico Sambeat (sax) and Mariano Diaz (piano) – and of course with them the rhythmic tapping of his wife Carmen Cortés. His most important supports are the two other members of his trio, with whom he performs many concerts. The equally impulsive yet sensitive percussionist Cepillo and bassist Pablo Martin, a virtuoso of his instrument. On all his recordings Gerardo Núñez values highly the use of good bassists, such as John Patitucci, Renaud Garcia-Fons or Javier Colina. In order to follow the guitar patterns and artistic ideas of Gerardo Núñez, only the best will do.

"Andando el tiempo" shows the state of modern flamenco guitar today: 11 tracks take one on a journey through the infinite distances that lie between flamenco and jazz, a journey which only Gerardo Núñez can lead.

Gerardo Nunez, A.S.G. Cepillo, C. Cortes, P. Fresu, P. Sambeat, M. Diaz

wydano: 2004
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Gerardo Nunez
Andando El Tiempo
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