Mindi Abair: Stars

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Smooth jazz
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Editor's Info:
In the arena of God given talent, it is apparent that Mindi Abairs' were "supersized". A real saxophonist, a terrific vocalist and an adept composer all adds up to one very talented artist. With "Stars", her debut release on Peak Records, Mindi catapults her supercharged mix of pop, soul and jazz, with its stellar melodies, insinuating rhythms, sultry sax, and seductive vocals into the realm of the extraordinary.

"Stars" represents a musical shift for Mindi. In addition to her signature sax sound, she has effectively integrated more vocals on this album expanding her reach musically and hopefully expanding her reach into a wider audience. Listeners who are constantly searching for something fresh may find renewed zeal in Mindi Abair's latest release. Production-wise, Abair and Matthew Hager (John Taylor of Duran Duran, Simply Red, Scott Weiland, Mandy Moore) complement her core vocal-and sax-driven sound with contributions from a series of top L.A. session and touring players, a few personal heroes, and a couple of famous friends.

As one of only a few female saxophonists in the music world, Mindi Abair is definitely making her own statement and her presence known. "Stars" sends a message worth listening to, as it places Mindi in a stand-alone category when compared to her contemporaries. On top of everything else this CD has to offer, versatility is but one of its many attributes. It's guaranteed though that once they get a listen, everyone will be gazing at "Stars" from Mindi Abair.

1. Smile
2. On And On
3. Out Of The Blue
4. Stars
5. F.L.A. Swing
6. I Wonder
7. Gingerbread Man
8. Change
9. Mojo
10. Here For You
11. Gonna Be Alright

wydano: 2008-05-23
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Mindi Abair
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