Earth Affair w/Morten Harket: Chapter One

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Lounge, Pop Rock, Trip Hop
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Both the man with the ideas and the mastermind of Earth Affair is a drummer from Iceland, Gulli Briem. Together with other outstanding musicians, in the mid-1980s he founded the successful group Mezzoforte. That formation quickly became a sensation in Europe. He followed that up with work in London, lending his versatile talents as a studio musician to such 'big-name' colleagues as Björk, Herbie Hancock and Madonna. As musician, composer, arranger and producer, he has pointedly created a finely woven patchwork out of this array of influences and inspirations. Gulli Briem spent two years working on the first chapter of his musical journey for the senses. "Chapter One" evolved into a multifaceted synthesis of the arts for inquisitive music fans with a yen for exciting discoveries and unusual sounds welcome to the open spaces of Earth Affair. With "Chapter One" you set off on a musical journey that leaves borders behind: from the cool fascination and pristine wilds of Iceland and Norway, across the craggy highlands of Scotland shrouded in mystical lore, on to the European metropolitan sprawls called Paris and London, then beyond to the Mediterranean and more distant influences of North Africa and India. Mastermind Gulli Briem invited a throng of illustrious fellow artists to the recording sessions in London, Oslo, Paris and Reykjavik: Morten Harket (voc / a-ha), Kevin Armstrong (g / Iggy Pop), Matthias Canavese (accordion / Les Negresses Vertes), Eythor Gunnarsson (key / Mezzoforte), Jingles (b / Gabrielle), Michael McGoldrick (pipes / Afro Cult Sound System), Wolfgang Haffner (dr / Nils Landgren), as well as French vocalist Mami and the Icelandic choir "Voces Thules". The track "Tunisia" owes its one-of-a-kind flair to U2's producer Flood. The mix on "Gildas Prayer" was refined by Danton Supple (Coldplay mix-master). Open yourself up to a trip into a world of music!

Kevin Armstrong - acoustic & electric guitar
Gunnlaugur Briem - drums, keyboards, voc (Mezzoforte)
Mathias Canavese - accordion
Eyþór Gunnarsson - keyboards, piano, synthesizer (Mezzoforte)
Mami - voc
Michael McGodrick - bodhran, flute, pipes, whistle

Morten Harket - voc

1. Volcano 5:31
2. Spaceman 4:45
3. French Touch 4:38
4. Tunisia 6:14
5. Volcano Reprise 1:17
6. Little One - Growing Up 6:38
7. Gildas Prayer with Morten Harket 4:13
8. Highest Spirit 5:56
9. Spaceman´s Dream 1:17
10. Reykjavik Sunset 4:35
11. Resurrection 4:35

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Earth Affair w/Morten Harket
Chapter One
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