Telepatia Liquida [Vinyl 1LP, limited edition 300]

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
premiera polska:
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: kartonowe etui
opis: * * * * *:
"Telepatia Liquida" to nagranie na żywo, które pochodzi z ostatniego dnia Forward Festival 2017 w Brooklynie. Kwintet 72-letniego saksofonisty (także kornecisty) Daniela Cartera, który w swojej długim życiu grał z tuzami światowej awangardy jak Sun Ra i Cecil Taylor, był członkiem fundamentalnej dla wolnej formy formacji TEST (Tom Bruno, Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen, Matt Heyner), ale także grał z Sonic Youth, Yoko Ono, Living Colour, MMW (Medeski Martin and Wood) i Jaco Pastoriusem.
Jego przedostatnia płyta "Seraphic Light" (Aum Fidelity 2017), którą nagrał z Matthew Shippem i Williamem Parkerem trafiła na szczyt wielu podsumowań 2017 roku.

Nowy kwintet powołany został w składzie Daniel Carter (Alto, Tenor i Soprano Saxophones, Trumpet), Patrick Holmes (Clarinet), Matthew Putman (Piano), Hilliard Greene (Bass), Federico Ughi (Drums). Z wszystkimi tymi muzykami (z wyjątkiem klarnecisty Patricka Holmesa) Daniel Carter wielokrotnie stawał na scenie. Nazwa improwizującego kwintetu jest zatem uzasadniona, rzeczywiście mamy do czynienia z płynną telepatią. Ekstatyczna i ekspresyjna muzyka autorstwa multiinstrumentalisty Daniela Cartera i jego kolegów wyniesiona została drogą kolektywnej improwizacji, na kosmiczny szczyt. Wysoki poziom ekspresji powala słuchacza także w momentach improwizacji w nieśpiesznych tempach i nostalgicznych skalach.
Carter to muzyk wielce powściągliwy w sięganiu po muzyczne nowinki, przy tym kolejne jego nagrania ujawniają olbrzymią dawkę prawdziwych emocji, sięgając po różne instrumenty systematyczne poszerza środowisko brzmieniowe zespołu, zawsze atakując słuchacza frazami pełnymi emocjonalnej wagi, bez względu czy sięga po trąbkę, czy saksofony sopranowy, altowy i tenorowy.

Ten kwintet idealnie realizuje misję Forward Festival. Członkowie zespołu reprezentują odmienne środowiska i tradycje. Drummer Ughi pochodzi z Rzymu, klarnecista Patrick Holmes pochodzi z Teksasu, pochodzący z Ohio Matthew Putman jest naukowcem i improwizującym pianistą. Cała narracja budowana jest niezwykle skrupulatnie, wybrzmiewa zaś majestatycznymi, dłuższymi frazami, podawanymi kolektywnie. Długo będziemy pamiętać wspaniałą grę Federico Ughiego, dysponującego absolutnym chyba poczuciem rytmu, Matthew Putmana, który swoją nieludzką niemal wrażliwość na barwy zamienił w najczystszej próby muzykę i Hilliarda Greene'a, dzięki któremu na słyszymy "śpiewający" kontrabas.
Kolektywność w budowaniu muzycznej narracji i intensywność artystycznej wypowiedzi budzą podziw i szacunek. Wielkie nagranie!
autor: MAd
Copyright © 1996-2019 Multikulti Project. All rights reserved

Editor's info:
This project is the exciting, unusual and at times unexpected result of five musicians from different backgrounds getting together and making music. This unlikely group that features a scientist on piano and an array of musicians from different places around the world is able to communicate on a level that is not only beyond planning and speech but also rational thought. The resulting music goes from moments that are exquisitely soft to deep juicy grooves. When studied attentively, it’s as if you are entering into the musicians’ collective subconscious. The chemistry of this group is so particular and unique, it is as if the music is being driven by a telepathic understanding, hence the title of their debut album Telepathic Alliances (577 Records, 2017) and this second work, Telepatia Liquida, recorded live at the Forward Festival 2017.

Daniel Carter, Matthew Putman, and Federico Ughi have been collaborating closely for the last ten years. Their first album, The Gowanus Recordings, was released in 2009.

Daniel Carter was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in Massachusetts. His musical background includes recording and performances with legendary artists such as Sun Ra, Yoko Ono, Cecil Taylor, Living Colour, TEST, Other Dimensions In Music, MMW (Medeski Martin and Wood), Jaco Pastorius, Sonic Youth and many many others. Pianist Matthew Putman grew up in Ohio where he studied classical music and theatre. He is a renowned scientist and educator, best known for his work in nanotechnology, the science of working in extremely small dimensions. Drummer Federico Ughi grew up in Rome, Italy. He has developed his own style through the years, studying with master Ornette Coleman and playing and touring the world with celebrated bands like The Cinematic Orchestra and Blue Foundation.

The other members of the group are Texas-born clarinet player Patrick Holmes (a brilliant up-and-coming member of the New York downtown scene) and veteran bassist Hilliard Greene, a mainstay of the avant-garde for the last 20 years. He has played with Cecil Taylor, Don Pullen, and Charles Gayle among many others.

Daniel Carter’s poetry is featured on the inner sleeve of these exclusive limited edition vinyl LPs. * * * * 1/2:
After an initial exploration of each other's sound, the rhythm section sets out on a great vamp, hard-boppish, with heavy piano chords by Matthew Putman, a pulsing bass by Hilliard Greene and the hard-hitting drums of Federico Ughi. It's a majestic train that's set in motion, offering the wonderful foundation for Daniel Carter on reeds and trumpet and Patrick Holmes on clarinet to intertwine their soloing with increasing intensity and power, only to slow down again for a more fragile and exploratory mid-section, after which the intensity picks up again.

On the second track, "Shine-A-Town", first Ughi, then Carter set the tone for a piece with shifting moods and levels of intensity. It starts wild and ferocious, yet changes rather quickly into a subdued and calm mode, as if once entering through the gate of the improvisation, the inside is quite friendly and welcoming ... until Putman's ascending harmonics and hammering chords drive the other musicians into more intensity and power, including drums and bass to weave a wild tapestry of branching sounds, collectively stopped with one strong chord, to the pleasure and appreciation of the live audience.

"Throne", the last track, offers an unexpected quiet start, with music that sounds like a ballad, initiated by the piano, over which Holmes' clarinet and Carter gently interlace their freely evolving lyrical phrases. The middle part becomes more boppish in nature, even if the rhythm remains rather implicit. The middle part is full of wild intensity, propulsed forward by Putman and Ughi, shifting back to a quiet duet of the two reeds, and ending with what the whole album is all about: raw authenticity, jubilant and glorious interplay, and a feeling of fun that transcends into the deeper level of real art: clever, meaningful and forcing the listener to remain vigilant to capture frequent shifts in direction and to be transported by the emtional force of the delivery.

Again, too short.
If their previous album, "Telepathic Alliances", was only a first collaboration of the five musicians, their sophomore release is even stronger, and more telepathic, if that overused term is still acceptable.
by Stef

Daniel Carter: Alto, Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Trumpet
Patrick Holmes: Clarinet
Matthew Putman: Piano
Hilliard Greene: Bass
Federico Ughi: Drums

A1. Deluxe Light 13:23
B1. Shine-a-town 7:44
B2. Throne 13:23

wydano: 2018-12-07
nagrano: Recorded live at the Forward Festival 2017, Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn, New York, December 8th, 2017

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577 Records (USA)
Daniel Carter / Patrick Holmes / Matthew Putman / Hilliard Greene / Federico Ughi
Telepatia Liquida [Vinyl 1LP, limited edition 300]
Vinyl 1LP
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