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Straightahead / Mainstream Jazz / Bop / Hard Bop
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Editor's info:
The two greatest big bands in jazz history side by side on your headphones: What can be more glorious? If, as Billy Strayhorn said, Duke Ellington's band was his instrument, then this 1961 session finds Ellington and Count Basie "trading fours," as it were. The composer credits and solo space are divided democratically, to say the least--four songs from Duke's camp, four from Basie's. The sparring between soloists of both bands is a pure delight, especially the gentle conversations between the two leaders-pianists, who finish each other's thoughts as if all four hands were attached to one unified torso. Highlights include two engaging new Duke compositions--the blistering opener "Battle Royal" and the impulsive "Wild Man"--and the closing Basie chestnut "Jumpin' at the Woodside," on which the lead tenors Frank Foster and Paul Gonsalves engage in ferocious dueling. Amazingly, there is no toe-stepping amid the rousing interplay.
Marc Greilsamer

1. Battle Royal
2. To You
3. Take The "A" Train
4. Until I Met You
5. Wild Man
6. Segue In C
7. B D B
8. Jumpin' At The Woodside
9. One More Once
10. Take The "A" Train
11. Jumpin' At The Woodside
12. B D B
13. Blues In Hoss' Flat (Blues In Frankie's Flat)
14. Wild Man
15. Battle Royal

wydano: 2009
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Columbia (USA)
Duke Ellington / Count Basie
First Time!
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