Innanen, Pasborg, Piromalli: This Is It

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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Editor's Info:
This is it, indeed. The instrumentation of this album makes everyone curious. Saxophones (sopranino, alto and baritone) plus Hammond organ plus drums. The gathered names are another factor of special interest: Finnish saxophonist Mikko Innanen, French organist (also pianist) Cédric Piromalli and Danish drummer Stefan Pasborg, all of them coming from the first row of their respective scenes, and all of them with international careers, in collaboration with top musicians like Andrew Cyrille, Han Bennink, Andrew Barker, Joe Fonda, Lou Grassi, William Parker, Wadada Leo Smith (Innanen), Daniel Humair, Paul Lovens, Will Guthrie (Piromalli), John Tchicai, Ellery Eskelin, Tim Berne, Michael Formanek, Tomasz Stanko and Ray Anderson (Pasborg). The Hammond is key in the group sound, rooted in the history of this instrument in jazz (listen to the grooves and the solid swing of these compositions: amazing!), but also involving other influences, among them the one provided by progressive rock. The foundations and involvements created by the organ couldn’t be better suited to project the suggestive melodies and complex chord changes played by Innanen, and the intense, almost superhuman drumming of Pasborg. Mixing the past and the future results in this: fantastic music of the present.

Mikko Innanen alto, baritone and sopranino saxophones
Cedric Piromalli hammond organ
Stefan Pasborg drums

1. Mocking Bird 07:09
2. Is This It? 07:03
3. Manic Zigaman 02:51
4. Sohesten 04:49
5. Pharoah Favelassa 04:11
6. Sudden Happiness 05:36
7. Autonomus XXVII A: Gneisenaustrasse 113 03:02
8. Riding with Cafarelli 05:02

wydano: 2021-05
nagrano: Recorded Feb. 26-27th 2020 in The Village Recording by Thomas Vang

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